the annual count

Our yard has nearly peaked in its natural beauty for the year.
The grass is lush. .
the trees have all leafed out. .
the clematis is twisting up the pole and being quite purposeful about it.
The roses are fully in bud. .
Sometimes it's the anticipation of what's coming that is nearly as wonderful as the present.
Every year. . .I promise that I'll divide my pink peony.
Every year it stays intact. . .
I did the stem count this year. . .
stems. . .not buds .. .
I remember the year that they were opening too quickly.
Our eldest son was marrying mid June.
The bride invisioned a garland of peonies down the aisle.
I cut my peony stems still golf ball sized buds .. .
and put them in the cooler in the barn.
That year the anticipation for mid June was the most delightful ever.

Since that year. . .

after the marriage occured. . .
I have never doubted our daughter by love's

giftedness to see and envision beauty.

The peony bush in full bloom doesn't begin to compare
with the garland it was coaxed to become.

Oh .. .do be sure to celebrate that day with me. .
mid June.

So, how many stems do you think I have this year?


  1. I really don't know .. but I guess that it is a huge number !
    I planted a peony plant when we moved here because it is Vic's favorite flower and in this its third year it has five sturdy stocks growing out of the ground and ten buds...
    So you want me to guess? OK.. wild guess.... 30?

  2. That's a huge peony plant! I just love their blossoms.

    Okay...I really have no idea on the number of stems. How about a random guess...say, 156?

  3. Isn't this a perfect time to share the color. Meanwhile I'm trying to sort out picture and trying to maintain all those plants.
    My guess 47

  4. Oh my that clematis is simply divine!!!
    The Peony is going to be so beautiful in full bloom. I'm going to guess 51 blooms.

  5. I love peonies...another of those old-fashioned flowers. I have red...and pink. Maybe next year...when you split your plant! (smile)

    My guess is 44 (my favorite number times two).

  6. Okay, so I was way off target*, huh? Perhaps I should adjust that guess down a bit...maybe 49?

    *Target - a swimsuit skirt is a nice buy...any trip to Target is never a wasted trip, in my opinion!


  7. Lovella, maybe it is best not to divide the plant, Paeonies are notoriously bad at being moved.
    I'd guess...67 blooms?

  8. What do I know about peonies..not much so I'll throw in the number 20
    More purple..I just came from Judy's blog so I am enjoying all these purple flowers in bloom!

  9. yay!!!!. .
    Elizabeth is so close .. I counted 70 stems with about 3 or 4 buds per stem ..

  10. oh my knowledge of plants is almost as bad as my knowledge of baking! I will leave that guessing up to the experts.

    Nice post...beautiful flowers. You must have a wonderful property there Lovella

  11. Oh have so many peonies and we have none here in Florida...a few in the nurseries that are quite frazzled looking :)

    We have a little Fresh Market store here, that carries all sorts of unusual flowers ...Mother's Day they had Peonies....One stem was $ll.99 so I'm figuring you have a fortune in that little bed :)

  12. They are absolutely gorgeous. Would they grow in a tub on a sundeck?
    Also, what kind of clematis is yours, the color is unbelievable.
    Would it grow in a tub?
    I don't have my father's green thumb, but I plan on trying now that we are moving to a place that will have the room to have some sundeck plants.
    Keep up the wonderful blog

  13. Could you divide that bush and send me a bunch! :) j/k Peonies are next on the plant priority list. My sister, who lives with us, loves them too, and wants them for her wedding (since we dont' yet have a guy, that could be awhile). Anyway, we figure we better get them growing in the first place. We plan a row along the back of the house. I can't wait! Maybe in the fall we can start? I'm not sure about when you can plant them. How about 63 blooms.


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