Happy April

I'm off to a fabulous start.
Since the beginning of April . . .(smirk)
I've had my teeth cleaned . . .
ran a variety of errands . ..

stopped at Home Sense . . .

came home to make
some chicken wraps with whole grain tortillas and a drizzle of the Chinese Chicken dressing that I found at Home Sense. . ..
. .. saw that the lilac was feeling spring . . . .

ran outside with a blanket so I could lay on the ground to see the flowers and the sky at the same time . .. .

wondered a bit about this spirea plant that looks completely out of place in spring with its fall coloured foliage. . ..

noticed that the pond plant opened up a bloom or two since yesterday . ..

and smiled at this funny little face . . .
I'm off for a walk . . .
the sun is out . . .
did I say the sun is out?
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. You're just kidding about the sun, right?

    It being April Fool's Day and all...I can hardly believe we are having sunshine. Enjoy the beautiful day!

  2. I'm not sure what to believe on anyone's post today... ;)

    I hope your sun is shining and that your day is fantastic! Your photos are so nice!

  3. Yippee! I'm so happy the sun is out up North!! Enjoy...

  4. I'm with Vicki..don't know what to believe today! What wonderful pics, Lovella!
    The geese are back, saw a gaggle of them yesterday..another sign of spring. I treasure each sign!
    Just pulled loaves of bread out of the oven..aroma is heavenly!

  5. After your beautiful pictures I think I'm ready to pack up and move to your part of the country! My mom did bring me some daffodils today, so we are making progress.

  6. Teeth cleaning appointments on April 1st must be a genetic thing !! smile... It was on my list today too !!
    And yes.. wasn't the sun beautiful??? and your photos are soooo gorgeous !!!

    Your garden is definitely ahead of mine!

  7. Seems as if things are looking up!

    Chicken wraps...hmmm, that sounds so good. I have wraps; I have chicken; it's time for bed; better not try that.

  8. I am enjoying spring!! on your blog at least

    here we have a wind warning and cold rain - which is better than colder snow. All the old timers say that a wind is the beat thing for getting rid of these old dirty snowbanks

    We will not have to worry about the water table this year :)

    Enjoy your walk - I'm off to eat lobster sandwiches - a late b-day lunch at my in laws :)

  9. Yay for the sun out! I'm so happy :)
    Love the photos. My dafodills are in bloom, too!

  10. Yes the sun is really out. Praise the Lord. It is my favourite man's birthday, got stew in the crock pot and a birthday cake cooling. Laundry is almost ready for the line. What a beautiful day!

    I'm procrastinating about the dentist since I have a cavity and no dental plan.

  11. Well, I've just toured Jill's garden, and now yours! Spring is certainly evident all the way from BC to TX!

  12. I thought that was you at Home Sense, hope you found something good!


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