what are you doing?

What is purple and yellow and tender . . . .besides the plums on our plum tree right now?

I thought I would take you with me out to the shop to see what Terry is up to today. He has the tractor hooked up to his quad. This seems a bit of an unusual combination for farming.

The answer to the question is bruising. Terry has some dandy ones. When Terry and Terrence came home from quading in the back country a few days ago they looked mighty sheepish as they pulled onto the yard and came straight to the house.

This is highly unusual. First the quads are unloaded and given a wash and then put away before I see hide or hair of the men folk.

The second thing that tipped me off was the tilt with which my husband walked. Hmm . ..I've seen that before.

They were both very quick to explain that Terry was indeed fine, sort of. Now most men would have stopped off at the Emergency to see how many ribs were bruised or broken, but Terry has spent enough time in that area to be a little put off by the goings on there. He prefers to self medicate and hope for better days.

The way the story goes, . "we were coming down the mountain . . .there was a log in the path, . . .the front tire went over it and hooked and the back wheels still in four wheel drive gave it an extra kick and started to pitch Terry off the quad as it started to roll over.

He is extremely fortunate to have not broken his neck. Terrence went into First Aid mode and made sure he was OK to be moved. He continued to ride his quad down the mountain after it was righted. This also is not terribly unusual since one time he rode his motorcycle home from a baseball game after breaking his leg from a bad slide into home plate. He wasn't keen on someone else riding his bike.

I asked him if he would be so kind to explain himself. Click here to see him try to do this. He gave me the thumbs up this afternoon as he was perched on top of his quad . . ..straightening the rack. . ..and the handle bars.

To all of you who encouraged the use of helmets. . .you were so right. The dirt indicates how he landed first. The bruises are unable to be documented since the majority of them are in his nether regions shaped strangely similar to the rack that was recently straightened. Woo hoo.

That's my man . .gotta love him.
Thank you Lord for bringing them home safely . . one more time.
He was muttering something about Wild at Heart . .when I saw him last.


  1. What a funny guy. "When it goes upside down...it kinda bends it"
    I'm glad he is fine, too.

  2. That is oh so typical of boys! Well, you can laugh about it now that you know he is okay!

  3. Whew and a half! The helmet says it all. Guys and their fun are just crazy. I'm so glad his boys were with him at the time, just because men and their sons together are always a good thing.
    Now, let's discuss industrial standards for safety in footwear, shall we?
    Heavy machinery, and flipflop/thongs/go aheads/rubber sandals, whatever they call them around your neck of the woods. You know, I have never seen those kinds of shoes mention when safety literature is handed around.
    And worse, I'll bet he is wearing them without a pedicure. The Texas men, knowing they will be wearing sandals a lot, are careful not to offend with their caveman toes by heading to the nail spa for a pedicure at least once a year at the beginning of summer.
    (Most of them get hooked on the foot and leg massage and *really* wouldn't mind going more often.)
    Now that T. is 49, he might want to give that idea a think. Bet that would the wildest thing he has ever considered.

  4. Jill, as Terry walked by I mentioned the industrial footwear idea and he guffawed. It seems he is wearing the summer version. That and shorts are his constant companion until the snow flies.

    About the pedicure, I've tried luring him over there, and he insists that his handy pocket knife takes care of callouses just fine. . thank you very much. Oh well, I guess all the pedicure money will have to stay with the women folk, fine by me.

  5. I am very thankful Terry is OK!- or will at least with time be as good as new!! Silly boys and their toys...- You know I wasjust thinking...they would NEVER let us go off and do anything remotely as dangerous as what they do....so how does that work???? smile

    PS. Can I come 'visit' your plum tree?? Can't promise I will just look and not touch, though!!

  6. Drat! Now I want tree ripened plums. Good luck finding one around here. The store bought ones are just awful. Once you have had one warm from the tree, you will never go back.

  7. You make me laugh..comparing plums to a bruised hubby...lol Yeah funny now that everyone is okay!
    Protective gear is a must!
    Have a great weekend, Lovella and Terry you take care..

  8. My Dad had a quad accident last year and broke 2 ribs and punctured his lung. Crazy guy! Gave us quite a scare. And he drove the quad back to the yard and straight to the Ambulance, I believe.

    Glad Terry's alright!

  9. Oh my! I'm glad that he's alright! Thank goodness for helmets!

  10. Thanking God that all is well...the helmet is a must I think!

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted
    (Lovella- posted some pics of me, if you want to come by and see ;-)


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