bloomin' in June

Yesterday I heard from our local weather forecast that so far in June we've had 98 hours of sunshine. I can't say I was shocked. It's been cold. Our furnace has been coming on in the morning. Brrr. The part that is frustrating is that this is one of the prettiest times in my garden and the only enjoyment I've been getting is a quick run for a new snapshot. We are truly thankful that our area seems to be out of the flood risk. We see daily the damage done in other areas.
The roses have their best bloom mid June. Once these buds are finished they will bloom again but not ever as nice as the first bloom. Often by the second bloom the leaves look sickly.

So, we have cool weather with lush looking greenery and gorgeous flowers in June. We generally try to have a coffee outside in the afternoon, weather permitting and we haven't even been able to do that with the drizzle.

The raspberry plants next door are looking especially lush. Freshly rototillered soil always looks so nice.
There are the raspberries. All they need is a kiss of sun and they will blush bright red.

The bedding plants are beginning to take off. These begonias are peeking out a an old brass pot.

Oh Indee, why must you stand in my flower garden enjoying salad. Those Victorian salvia's don't stand a chance with you nipping the buds off.

My Mary Rose smells divine. Oh to send you a bud or two. Wouldn't that be fun?

So, what are you up to today? The sun is promising to peek out here. Yesterday I bought some fabric to make a slip cover for a rocking chair that I bought at a thrift store. I may begin that. Once it's all done, you'll see it of course.
Otherwise, there's not much to tell here on the farm. I just wanted to say a quick Hi. I do hope your day is wonderful.
I'm off for my 30 minute walk.


  1. Yay ... sunshine! I'm seeing the same peek of sun out my window and can't wait to get out there and enjoy it. Unfortunately, I won't be looking at such gorgeous blooms... ah well ... I'll take the sun anyway.

  2. Ah ~ you may be missing the sunshine, but oh your garden looks lush. We are so very dry here in TN. As we drove through the state last week I told my husband it looked like one good strike of lightning would set the whole state aflame. I do, however, sympathize with gloomy months. When we lived in Maine, April was always like that, rain (or cloud cover) almost every day. Though, I do think those gorgeous roses must do much to brighten the day. :o)

  3. Your flowers look beautiful!

  4. Raspberries, maybe you will make raspberry jam?..yes? yum! My aunt in Oregon used to make raspberry freezer jam, oh I loved that stuff.
    Your garden is so peaceful and beautiful. Can't wait to see it.

  5. Hoping for more kisses from the sun for you all up North! I had to find more permanent everyday dishes for the condo today. Something that holds up well in the microwave! Thanks for sharing your first blooms!

  6. I heard today that the cool weather is the reason we are having exceptionally beautiful blooms, the hot sun hasn't stressed them out!!
    Today though was a beautifully warm day.. On a day like today the drizzle and the rain is all forgotten!!
    Your yard looks lovely, Lovella!!

    Indee loves salad?? Well, my deer were visiting last night and 'pruned' all my rose bushes!!

  7. That's so funny about Indee and the flower buds. Today Stanlee came to the back door with a whole flower and stem in his mouth. He pulled it right out of the ground. Poor thing had no idea he had done anything wrong. Your roses are so beautiful!

  8. We have had an enormous amt of sunshine in June, but alas...very little rain.
    I also have a Mary Rose, but she is not faring well this summer. If she survives, I believe I will have to move her to a far sunnier spot. My Constance Spry rose is towering above Mary, and I think that has been her demise!


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