Friday, May 31, 2013

peonies and two of my favorite scents on the last day of May

We've been dodging showers here the last while.
I'm not in charge of mowing the lawn but all the talk about wondering if the lawn will get mowed before the next shower comes...
makes me feel a part of the process.
I'll talk more about mowing lawn another day.

This is the pure white peony that blushes next to it's pink neighbour.
I love the real rain drops on it.
Have you ever seen fake raindrops on fake flowers?
The inspiration for that idea was real...
and beautiful.

The buds are all opening.
I'm sending home big bouquets of buds whenever I can with visitors.
Have you ever really taken in the scent of peonies?
A few years ago I was in an upscale clothing shop and stopped to test out their lovely display of beautiful bottles of scent.
I was so taken with the Peony scent when I sprayed it on that I was on my way to the counter ...
thinking it was priced fairly reasonable.
Upon closer inspection I realized it was room scent.
I put it back.
It didn't seem like a bargain to squirt it into mid-air in the middle of a room...
though I would have enjoyed it.

This is my favorite view out the front door.
When the storm clouds gather in the background...
the lush berry field and the perfectly leafed trees on the hillside never cease to bring me happy moments.

He got the lawn mowed.
I nearly always go out afterwards to inspect enjoy the scent of freshly mowed grass and admire the edges neatly trimmed.

Facing east...
the clouds make a perfect drop back for the reminder of God's promises.

Happy weekend dear ones.
I'm going to retreat with my beloved and if time and a notion presents itself..
I'll post a photo or two.

all for now...

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Breakfast Television and trendsetter trim at Anthropolgie

Up at the crack of dawn and off to Vancouver was worth every last lost minute of sleep.
We had a great time.  It is so much fun to set up shop in someone else's kitchen.
The whole experience is a challenge that is waiting to be overcome.
Here is the link to the segment of Kathy and I putting together Walking Taco's and River Walk Guacamole.
In the meantime...
I'd like to say that it was a wonderful experience that I would love to repeat.

After we finished we headed to South Granville and found ourselves a Starbucks and enjoyed our muffin that was offered to us in the Green Room at Breakfast Television from the Sweetery next door.
We couldn't resist the offering but didn't want to mess up our lipstick so carefully applied by their Makeup artist/friendly ice breaker lady.

Once our energy was replenished we walked down Granville to Anthropolige and poked around there a bit.

Imagine my freshly lined eyes...
opening wide when I saw the trim from our home-made aprons...
on a white floor skimmer eyelet  dress.

Things like that just makle me smile.
I thought when I spotted that trim last June that we would have a look that would be reminiscent of days gone by...
but maybe what once was...
is now a trend again today.

I'll be posting the rest of the apron story this coming Saturday on MGCC.

We  continued to browse through this store that intrigues me.
They had a black board in their kitchen section above which had Rhubarb Sorbet listed.
If you have the Celebrations book...
you know why that also would make me smile.

It was a lovely day!
I'm thankful for days like this that will be tucked away in my memory bank for years to come...
knowing that they are all experiences that are gifts from God.
I don't believe in coincidences but I do believe that God knows what was...
what is...
and what is to come.

Not all days will be this sweet ...
but it is good to have them to remember when days are a bit tart!

all for now... 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Running out the door early

Kathy and I are out the door early..early...early this morning.
If you see us flying by in the frenzy it is because we are heading into Vancouver to Breakfast Television to cook at the crack of dawn. be fair by the time we cook the sun will have been up for hours but it is surely the first time in my life that I will be up at 4:30 shredding lettuce and grating cheese.

Segment time is 8:20 Pacific Time.
If you live locally in Abbotsford...the channel is 13 or HD 213 
If you miss it...
the video link will be posted on their website later in the day.

And...I'm off.
I'll post to twitter and Facebook to keep you in the loop!
Thanks dear friends.

all for now...

Friday, May 24, 2013

spring flower and skagit river bridge collapse

Yesterday afternoon we decided to  head down to the states as we often do.
We are a hop and a skip from the border and enjoy visiting our neighbour to the south.
Sometimes we just head straight to Sunset Drive and find our favorite Mexican food spot and sometimes we venture just a bit further to Burlington where there is a camping store.

Yesterday we went as far as Burlington.
We debated where we all wanted to go and decided to take the first exit and after poking around the camping store..
we went as far as Costco and then decided to head back to Bellingham for supper.

We could have easily crossed the Skagit river which has a few other stores we sometimes visit but yesterday we didn't.
Our son Terrence knew we were down in the states and around 8 pm he called to see where we were.

I was going to show you my spring flowers which are so beautiful right now.
I'm left thinking about how life could so easily end without notice.
I also am thinking about how so many people will be so inconvenienced for days to come as they will need to detour.
For at least a few days...
they'll just be thankful that they need to detour instead of what might have been.

It is a good reminder to be thankful.

all for now...

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

brown eyes and birthday

Yesterday was Stuart's birthday.
On Victoria Day...his better half was working and so I suggested he pop over with the girls and together we would make him pizza.
They knew what he liked...
and loaded up the crust.

After lunch..
the menfolk started on our new patio cover.

The roof all came in the box with cling film that needed to be removed.
That job...
was offered to the girls.

There is something about watching team work...
that makes me happy.

The project had been started a few weeks ago but my beloved and I ..
needed someone else to replace me.

In the meantime...
there was plenty of fun to be had nearby.

Team work continued.

And turns continued to be taken on the job at hand.

Tugging ...hard.

The garbage girl came around to take up each piece of discarded cling film.

She took her role...

Kobe took her role seriously as well...
and team work was once again employed for the tug-o-war.

The other day...
it was like a lightbulb moment when we were putting Grandgirlie to bed.

She said...
Grammie!!!  We all have blue eyes in the family except for you and Daddy and the dogs.
You all have brown eyes.

Yup...Stuart ...Lovella...Tobbee  and Kobe have brown eyes in the family.
It's been documented.

In the meantime...
the roof was up and the curtain was raised.

That's my boy!  
(with brown eyes)

all for now...

Monday, May 20, 2013

planting the garden

We are so slow planting our garden this year.
It could have been done weeks ago and when we drive down our country road seeing the corn growing I begin to feel panicked that our garden produce will be picked last on the block.

The garlic and rhubarb didn't wait for us to get with the program.

I've been pulling rhubarb and baking and saucing and experimenting.
(as you will see soon on MGCC)

The herb part of the garden is doing well.
Cilantro, Dill, Oregano and Parsley all have taken over their fair share of space.

My regular sorrel petered out mid winter but the variegated sorrel is ready for soup.

Pink peonies anyone?
I'll start picking them now and bringing them in to force the blooms which lets me enjoy them all the longer.

The climbing hydrangea is chirping with bird nests and the flowers are beginning to open.
The fragrance will be lovely again in the evenings while we sit outside to enjoy dinners in our tent.

The grill will be fired up tonight.
Happy Victoria Day to all my Canadian friends!

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Three in the Middle of May

Yesterday it was the turn of the three to come to the farm for a visit.

I don't know who is more excited about the kids coming to visit.
Us two...
or Kobe.

She rarely leaves the littlest's side and the two of them are found making up games of their own.


And then they play some serious ball.

Over and over and neither tire of playing catch.

Look at that focus...where will he toss that ball next?

Our garden is especially lush right now.

The biggest found some rocks in the garden and wanted to know all about them.
I did my best...he seemed satisfied.

What did the three bring as a token of love on Mother's Day?

A pot they painted themselves.
A vine was requested to be added...
and so their mommy added it in for their flower garden.

Hand ...

and foot prints.

I might neglect other parts of my garden...
but some flowers...deserve special tending.

all for now...