Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Grandgirlie turns four

The most important thing that happened over the weekend was Grandgirlie's fourth birthday.

Four year olds are the best.
Either my sense of humor is improving or kids are funnier than they used to be.
She ....makes me laugh and that is a gift to be sure.

We celebrated a bit earlier in the week and she was okay with that.
She helped me decorate the table earlier in the day and was fascinated by the fact that we did not use the whole table cloth but rather folded the center in to display her favorite part.
I wonder if she will think this is the way to use them now.

Her cousins were most interested in the gift opening process.
I observed that they have learned in their young life that there is etiquette in watching others open gifts.
That made me smile too.

Those of you who started reading my blog when I first announced that I would be a Grammie must also think that time has flown.
That beautiful baby girl that I fell in love with from the first moment I held her. .
is already a lovely little girl full of energy . .hugs and enthusiasm.

Since she has a good sense of humor herself...
I spent a good amount of time searching for just the right card.

When I found it . . ..
I kept laughing in the store. ..
knowing that the kitties meowing happy birthday to her. ..
would crack her up.

It did ..
and the card was passed around and around and I heard them laughing down the hallway.

So encouraged by my good card buying...
I'm excited for Friday ..
when the lil' farm hand opens up his card.

I am so proud to have five baby grands four years old and under.  . .
and I tell anyone who cares to listen!

all for now. .

Monday, November 28, 2011

How to make a Hazelnut Roll


Thank you to Global TV BC for the clip.

Saturday Anneliese and I did a cooking segment on the Noon News.
It was a lot of fun!

Hazelnut Roll on Global BC TV

Do we look very nervous?
I don't think we really were but after the segment was over ..
a lot of sighing was heard over lunch. .
so I guess an appropriate amount of tension is maybe good before going on TV.

Our host Lynn Colliar was so gracious and friendly and we just explained to her how it was done and before we knew it. .
we were done.

It is the best thing to be able to do this with our husbands support.
To have our "stuff" carried for us and not have to worry about driving and parking and doors....
can not be over rated at all.

We arrived at the studio at 12:00 noon for our 12:35 segment and we went right to work organizing our work space.

The producer came and put our microphones on.

The kitchen that looks so complete on air is little more than a counter top with cold running water and a cook top.

We learned from our Waterloo cooking segment that we can not bring too much of our own kitchen along. 

Did I mention that it is very helpful to have support along?
They stood on the sidelines and took photos .. .
and chatted with the stage crew.

Anneliese waited for the very last minute before the camera was on us before hiding away from the microphones to beat her egg whites.
Her H got a perfect picture of her doing that. .
so if I guess right. . 
it will be posted on her blog today.

Lynn the anchor for the noon news came over during the commercial and was so relaxed .  . .
it made us relaxed and then without us asking . .

she came over and posed for those camera men ..
that we brought along.
She asked me about my family . .
I told her about my boys being all grown up and married . . 
and about my five grands who are four years old and under.
She was properly happy for me.

Then the segment began and the time clock began to count down and we made the fastest ever Hazelnut roll ever.

Anneliese managed to somehow keep herself neat and tidy while she beat and folded and spread out the batter.

Then I unrolled and spread and rolled up . ..

and decorated and sprinkled on the crushed hazelnuts.

I laughed later when Anneliese told me she handed me a damp cloth so that I could wipe my hands off. .
and just like a good homemaker .
I started to wipe the counter.

At the end of the segment ..
we sliced and set out plates and cutlery and napkins.  .
took our dirty dishes and packed them up to wash up at home . .

 ...and we fed the most important camera men we know ..
and went and celebrated over some lunch.

We sure do appreciate that Global BC TV invited us to come do a cooking segment.
To have that kind of exposure is so wonderful.
At the end of the day .. 
we had over 3000 extra visitors on our Saturday post.

Imagine that!

Now. .if all goes according to plan . .
the video clip of the segment will be able to be viewed here tomorrow.

all for now . .

Friday, November 25, 2011

cabbage arrangement

maybe saying it is a cabbage arrangement is a little inaccurate.
Remember when ornamental Kale was an outdoor fall to winter garden decoration?
I saw them the other day when I was looking for fresh flowers for a dinner party.
I thought they were simple enough to arrange. .
and they matched my china. .
so they came home and are still looking just like the day I brought them home.

I'm home today.
There will be no random odd posts from odd places.
It was quite fun to shop in Canada and have their version of Black Friday sales on a rainy Thursday afternoon.

all for now. ..

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Is it so hard to have pretty colored cardigans?

Aprons at anthropologie :)

Lunching in Vancouver with my honey!


Okay ..
If you live south of the border. .
I am really hoping this tin of turkey is not part of your menu.

The other day the Mennonite Girls and I were chatting about this long forgotten item that was always on our pantry shelf while I was growing up.

I can't remember what the photo looked like back in the day. .
but the large all capital letters look very familiar.
Indeed it is a Classic.

On occasion my mom would fry it up in a pan.
Sometimes it would be mixed with ground ham for party sandwiches.
Just thinking about it makes me want one.

I do recall it being a regular part of a school lunch.

But it sure never came ready sliced.
I told them I keep a tin of it in the trailer for end of camping days when the refrigerator is bare.

Once a year. . .
just for old times sake. . .
and still much more preferable than the spam that shows up in my emails.

Happy Thanksgiving to our neighbors down south!

all for now..

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

the oaks and maples of Beautiful British Columbia

I took these pictures a few weeks ago and found them yesterday on my pocket camera. .
and so let's just pretend they are current.

I wanted to tell you that this is naturally how the trees grow here.

I knew you would appreciate that.
The complex is where my mom-by-love lives.

I don't know who her complex gardener is. .
but I appreciate his works of art.

The beautiful days of autumn are over here.
We have rain in the forecast for the foreseeable future and I am seriously wondering how they sell any suede or leather boots here at all.
I'm looking for rubber boots with those lovely cozy linings.
I'll let you know what I come up with.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

fall winter fall

As you can see from my new header photo which I took travelling the country roads this last weekend. .
we had a taste of winter as an intermission from fall.

We had a rare early blast come down from the north which brought with it a dusting of snow.
This was followed by glorious blue skies on Saturday and I was glad for the drive alone so I could stop at will and photograph beautiful landscapes.

All this happened while the tulip tree in the backyard was clinging to it's leaves.
Yesterday morning we woke to another frost and though the air was still ..
the leaves were dropping gently to the ground.

Within a few hours. .
the breeze picked up and the remaining suction between the end of the leaf stem and branch released. .
and I was treated to quick fall.

With a rain storm scheduled for Monday night. .
it seemed apparent that the leaves would require a quick clean up so avoid. .
the drenching which makes leaf clean up ...

First came out the blower ..
which I did not document as I was working on a tricky part of a cake at the time. 
The flowerbeds were blown clear of the worst best of the fall. ..
and then the lawnmower was called into duty to mulch and vacuum up the remains.

He seemed not shocked by my appearance to document the event from the porch.

And. .
so  he drove slower than I have ever seen him drive before.

Normally he buzzes over the lawn.
But yesterday it was slow. . 
and eventually I left him to mow alone.

After all ..
He needs to have some privacy as he goes about tasks on the farm ..
without me hanging over the railing yelling encouragement to smile.

all for now . .