Friday, July 31, 2009

the blessing

The flowers have been putting up a brave effort in this heat.

I pulled out my mom's old white porcelain jug. .

and her company tablecloth. .

and filled the jug with flowers from my garden.

I needed her to be a part of Baby Kanneloni Macaroni's high tea.

As I looked around the circle of women and little girls. .

I thought. . .these will be the women in your life. .

some first cousins your age. . .some aunties. . .and great aunties. .

an omi a grammie and a great oma . . .that love you to pieces. .

I hope you will always know . . .

how much you were loved. .

on the hot day in July. . .when we had high tea.

May the blessing that your omi prayed over you ..

follow you all the days of your life.

All for now. . .

Thursday, July 30, 2009

3:10 am

It is 3:10 am on Thursday July 30 2009.

I'm sleepless. . . in the bungalow .. . weather channel bright in the night. . .

According to the latest temperature recorded . ..

at 3:00 am . .we are at 26 C or 79 F.

Wind NE 7 km

Humidity 54 %.

After sleeping 3 solid hours I'm wide awake.

I'm thinking of pretending it's morning and making the lemon poppy seed scones ..

setting out my mom's china. .

stirring up devonshire cream. . .

and waiting for my guests.

I have invited a few of baby Kanneloni Macaroni's best friends .. for high tea to welcome her.

Her great grandma is making little sandwiches without crusts . .

Her great Auntie Mary is picking up the Babycakes from Tracycakes . .

Her little first cousins are bringing the enthusiasm.

Iced Tea is chilling in the fridge.

Yesterday we beat our record . . .reaching 38 C or 100.4 F.

The weather forecast is looking a wee bit cooler today. . .97 F or 36 C.

If they really come in this heat. . they truly are a welcoming party.

I've asked my beloved to be on wading pool duty.

He put in fresh water last night. . .

Just girls and dgampa for high tea.

All for now.. .

with love,

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rambo goes home

Our foster dog days are over. . .forever.

We all fell in love with this crazy little pup. . and now he's gone home.

It all started July 1st.

He arrived at the farm very dirty. . .rather thin. . . and terribly hungry.

He wouldn't leave Terry's side. . .and was as good as gold.

We put up notices at the community mailboxes. .

checked the classifieds for lost pups. . .


called the animal shelter to enquire if someone was missing their pup.

They would not tell us. . saying that we needed to bring the pup to them.

We found their attitude rather unkind. . and a bit bossy.

We have paid the bail fees for wandering dogs before. . .it's not fun.

We thought that if someone driving by would see "their" dog. . they'd stop and tell us so.

We had removed the tied on bit of collar that would be our "test" of authentic ownership.

So. . .

yesterday ( 26 days later) we heard that someone had in fact been looking for their dog.

Today. . .after giving little Otis one last delicious farm fresh egg breakfast. . .

and a full tummy of premium dog food. . .

my beloved set off to go knock on their door.

He took along our phone number and address suspecting that there may be a language barrier.

There was.

Minutes later. . the call came. . the dog was wanted.

I'll say.

The man came. . .and Otis went in the van. . .I wanted to send a doggy bag . .just the essentials. .

farm fresh eggs for shiny coat. . .extra dewormer.... and some extra flea medicine.

Today I'll return the new bag of premium dog food.

We called him Little Otis. . .

Rambo he was.

All for now. .

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Investment opportunity

If you are like the two of us. . .

you are always keen on good ideas.

Several years ago a good friend of ours had his van stolen right from under his bedroom window.

We were aghast. . .the nerve. . .thievery run amuck.

My beloved being the friend he is tossed and turned at night. . .

wondering how he could help his friend avoid having the thievery repeat itself.

During his sleepless night he devised a plan to begin mass production of the...

Nighthawk Alarm System.

He went to town and purchased a few necessary items for the first ever. . .

Nighthawk Alarm System.

Needing to keep the costs down. . .

he scrounged through his fishing tackle box and borrowed a few items from it.

I did a small bit of sewing for the project myself.

An old tie was shortened and Velcro was attached to make for easy evening alarm setting. .

and easy morning de-arming.

If you look up at Exhibit A. . .

you will see the self explanatory instruction manual that he inserted into the little blue box.

The beauty of this system is that you can take it anywhere.

If there is one thing that a good friend will do.. .

he'll take good care of his gifts. . .

so that when re-gifting is appropriate. .

it's ready to go.

If this investment opportunity appeals to you .. .

please leave a comment. . .I am attempting to raise some money today.

OH. .

The insurance lady yesterday called the claim on our stolen and since recovered pickup truck . . has been . . . . accepted.

(Think about the commercial where the two guys keep getting older and older while waiting for the claim to be . . .denied. . . .we were beginning to watch our wrinkles develop as well).


OH. . and another thing. . .It's going to be a scorcher ☼..

It's supposed to hit 34º today.

Grandgirlie and I are going to spend the day in the wading pool. . . ..

50¢ at the gate and you can join us.

(We're earning money for the icecream truck)

All for now..

Monday, July 27, 2009

tre sorelle

I am always amazed at people that are kind. . .

just because.

It makes me stop and wonder . . .where I can pass on that generous kindness.

I had an email from Liz after Kanneloni Macaroni was born. . .

She wanted to send a pair of darling booties. . .she said.

I said. . .how incredibly kind of you.

When the box arrived. . .

it was filled with booties and baby butters. . teas . . .baby soap. . lavender soap. . .bath salts. . .baby jelly. . .bath fizzes. .

and baby booties and the most precious hand crocheted wash cloths.

This package was perfect for a baby and new mommy that loves girlie things.

Tre sorelle is a little boutique in the small town of Harrison Hot Springs.

I had popped in to see the lovely things on our last visit.

If you are going to Harrison Hot Springs. . .stop in and say hi!. .

You'll be glad you did.

Tre sorelle. . .(tray - sore- el -ay) in the beautiful language of Italian means three sisters.

Thank you .. Tre sorelle!

I didn't expect nor deserve such a kind treat. . .but I loved it!

PS. . .I confiscated the bath salts. ..grammies like to soak their bones now and then. . .

All for now. .

Friday, July 24, 2009

stopping to take a picture. . or two

The summer is racing by.

There is no boredom here at the bungalow. . .

I was pulling weeds yesterday. .

and I realized. . .that the hydrangea's haven't had their annual photo.

I took a few quick pics . .

nothing special. .

just looking for the right colors.

I still have my winter prints up in the dining room. .

It's time for some summer color.

I'll do some more tries this weekend with the purple and greens.

My Sweet Violet china. ..will love the hues.

We were nine last night. . .

and it was fantastic.

All for now. . .

Thursday, July 23, 2009

ornamental cherry jam

Our ornamental cherry tree has taken leave of it's lot in life.

It considers beauty to be nothing more than vanity.

Several years ago. . .

we noted it was losing it's joy in flowering. . .

and had the odd cherry instead.

We dug it out. . .and planted it at the back of the property by the big ditch.

This year. . .

it blossomed. ..not like it's mates down the driveway ..

but alone in the back. . .

it fancied itself a fruit tree.

On Sunday afternoon. . .

we went to the way back. . by the big ditch.

He climbed the ladder. .

and I stood on the ground.

He picked his ice cream pail full from the ladder.

I picked my ice cream pail full from the ground.

We spent the next several hours. . .

tediously pitting the blueberry sized cherries.

The ornamental cherry jam against the white cream cheese. . .

is where it really shines.

Everyone can look good for pictures. . .

but this ornamental cherry tree. . . .

wants to leave an impression that will last all winter.

It's funny the things I think about while pitting a pail full of blueberry sized cherries.

Today .. .I'm making a cherry ripple cheesecake.

It's my beloved's birthday .

There will be another wee one around the table this year. . .

and now we are nine.

To think we started out two.

I am so thankful for this man. . .and I love him so!

All for now. . .

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

for sundays

Now tell me the truth. .

if you were sitting in church. .

and you thought you might need to burp. . .a wee bit. .

wouldn't you want be lady like about it?

I considered her possible dilemma. . .

and whipped her up a going to church burp pad.

Next time. .

I'll get my beloved to use up every ounce of patience he has. .

to take pictures of each stitch. .

I promise.

Well .. .I promise I'll ask. . .

I wish I could explain how to do this. . .

It's not near enough professional for me to start giving directions.

I did use a purchased burp pad. .

used a fine crochet hook.

Used the crochet hook to punch through the flannelet. . .using the binding as the guide.

Did three single crochets and then punched the fabric down again. . .

Second row. . .I did two double crochets in each space. .

and then I said. .

Ta dah.

I'm sure there are far better explanations out there. .

Just wing it. .

it is easy to yank out. . .

and try again.

That's what I did.

All for now. .

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

viewing the evidence

Study picture number one. . taken last summer . . .

My beloved. .

has always had the natural inclination to keep his vehicles. . .

pretty clean.

I learned long before we were even married. . .

that parking any of his vehicles between two vehicles in a parking lot would possibly cause a dent. . .

which could lead to another possible dent .. . .

and before you would know it. .

lots of dents.

He knows the truck is a material possession and knows it's just a thing... .

but. . .

being careful with his vehicles is built into his genes. . .

and there is nothing he can do about it.

I've become accustomed to driving clean vehicles. . .inside and out. .

without dents.

Take a look at picture number two here.

I went along yesterday to the body shop where the truck was towed.

It had no shoes.

Sadness. . .do you feel it?

It's not that bad. . .but it is annoying enough to make us go home and eat pasta.

Pasta helps everything. . .in case you missed the post on Kanneloni Macaroni. . .

(yes. . .that's right. . I figured out a way to mention her again today). . .

Our local detachment of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. . .

did try to lift some prints. . .

but said that there was a bunch of rubber gloves found near the truck.

When the call display came up. . . Royal Canadian M . . .I was excited. .

thinking it was the Royal Canadian Mint. .

I thought perhaps they wanted to make a commemorative coin. . .having no doubt read my recent post on Kanneloni Macaroni. . .

but no. . .it was the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. .

I offered them the cigarette butt I had found. . .near the crime scene. ...

I'm sure I heard him laugh. . .

Anyways. . .

The alleged ... thieves had taken the time to cause further annoyance.

The child seat was thrown in the bushes. .

All the contents of the glove compartment. . . missing.

But. . .oddly. .they left our selection of music behind.

Ah .. .it's just a truck. . .

I can think of hundreds of things that would be terrible. . .

and this doesn't even make the list.

OH fantastic news. . . It's a grandgirlie day today. . .the big grandgirlie. .

Oh joy. .

I have some butter out on the counter. .

We've been learning how to bake chocolate chip cookies.

Monday, July 20, 2009

the travel blankie ..

Still in the 99.9 %ile. . .of thinking about baby Kanneloni Macaroni. . .

I felt it only makes sense. . .

that I blog. . .

what I think about these days.

It was quite fun. . .getting ready behind the scenes. . .

it felt like a great secret that I continually patted myself on the back . . .

for keeping it so close to my heart.

The week before she was born. .

I quickly made a blanket for her car seat.

I'd like to take credit for picking the fun and lively pattern. .

but her mommy knew her better than I. .

and I left her to that task.

It took but a few hours to sew up. .

Wash and dry the cotton.

Cut out a rectangular. . the size appropriate for a infant carrier.

Cut out four lengths of binding. . . two lengthwise .. and two width wise. .

Sew the soft. . .and the cotton together . . .wrong sides together.

Sew the binding on the four sides. . leaving the corners free to make double sided mitred corners. . .(that actually took me the longest to figure out)

Tie the blanket at fun little places. . .birdie feet. . .stems. . lion whiskers. .

and you are done.. .

Then you say ..

"ta dah". ...and you wait. . some more.

Ah . .but once tucked inside. .

she sleeps like a lamb.

All for now. .

Friday, July 17, 2009

blueberry sweetness . . and a few complaints

This may seem like yet another Grammie post ...

but it's not. .

I just thought I would have you look as something sweet whilst . .

I do my cranky rant.

Who...tell me who. . . would have the nerve to steal our trailer puller truck. . .

while Kanneloni Macaroni was trying to be born.

In the middle of the night. .

while I slept very little but was obviously otherwise distracted .. .

someone. . dropped their cigarette butt on our driveway ..

and drove off towards the the hills north ..

tossed the grand carrier in the bushes ..

removed the after market wheels. . and new tires ..

and left it sit.

Our local RCMP officer called to say it had been found.

We haven't seen it yet. .

who knows. .

it's just a thing ..

and certainly not anything that matters most . .but annoying none the less.

Is it our fault that in all the excitement and hoopla of Kanneloni coming soon..

that we didn't lock and alarm the truck ..

like we do every other night?

Apparently there are mean people in our neck of the woods.

And while I am leaving you stunned by my less that cheery monologue. .

the last few days. . .

my computer or Internet service .. .or worse. . maybe both. .

keeps deciding from time to time . .to do the snail crawl.

My usual 15 minutes from picture gazing to pressing the publish post button. ..

became hours on Thursday.

Finally I gave in to posting just one picture . .

instead of the others that were equally important in my grammie mind.

That made me further cranky.

So .. .until I get things sorted out. . .

the publish button might not be pushed at all.

It may be no more than a few days. .

we'll see.

Having said all that. . .

I'm the most blessed woman in the world this week.

I feel terribly ashamed to be complaining when on the other hand I'm so thankful.

I hesitated to tell you the behind grievances I am having. .

but I want to be real with you. .

and I wanted to document the neighborhood thievery.

There are two things you don't take from a man ..

his truck. .and his tractor. .and since we've lived on this farm ..

they've driven off with both.

Oh. ..but now I am complaining again.

God is good .. .all the time.

He doesn't change one bit .. .

it's me .. who gets in a fuss about stuff.

The only thing in this whole post that matters most. . is the blueberry picker.

I think I'll go crochet around a burp bib.

Pink. . .of course.

Now. .I'm going to press the publish button. .

If you are reading this . . .

I have a smile on my face. .

All for now...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Miss Kanneloni Macaroni

It's amazing what happens overnight. . .

If you think this is a surprise for you . .you are not alone.

The lil' farm hand had a bit of a surprise the morning after his sleepover at Grammie and Dampa's house too.

Naturally very agreeable in the morning. . .

we asked him if he wanted to go see Mommy and Daddy and baby sister. . .

He said .. "uh huh"

So. . .off we went to have a look.

He loved the little lass straight away.

Then he wanted a cookie.

She weighed in at seven pounds. . .fourteen ounces.

Our son Terrence is such a blessed man.

He has a beautiful . ..loving wife who happens to be a wonderful mother. .

a strapping young lad. .

and a now a wee little lass.

The Christian name on her birth certificate will start with the letters K and M.. . .

and for months we've played a guessing game....

wondering what those initals stood for.

Dampa. . came up with Kanneloni. . .(knowing it's usually spelled with a C) . . and Macaroni.

He loves his pasta. . .and in our house. . . the name stuck. .

so that is how you will know we're speaking of the lil' farmhands baby sister.

Sing with me. . ."and they call her Kanneloni. . .Kanneloni. .Macaroni. . . "

Tonight the bungalow is quiet once again. . .which is fine. . .they'll be back. . .

for now. . .we're just the two of us. . again.

It's been a very good day!

Praising God!

All for now..

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's a Grammie Day

A very special Grammie Day....

All for now. . .

but.. . .maybe later ..
I'll add a row of colour ...
to the new blankie.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

new curtains

Trailers come with their own typical signature style.
We made a few changes. . .and we like it better.

I looked for fabric that would not be floral ..
nor too busy ..
nor completely plain.
I didn't want it to be beige...
nor taupe...

it needed something with a bit of texture...
and just the right tone.
That may sound like a simple task...

but it proved to be tricky.
In the top picture. .

you can just barely see the pale beige bedroom curtain..
that I used as a template for the darker new checked curtain.

Can you see what is added .. . and subtracted?

We removed the wall paper border.

With patterned cushions on the dinette and couch...

I was happy to have the walls a bit less busy.

The bed at the back of the trailer...

for visitors...

had no privacy...

so I made a curtain out of the same checked fabric.

Every trailer. . that has a few spaces left for extra shoes in the shoe bag...

and a bed or two for visitors...

needs a bit of privacy . .

don't you think?

There are some empty coat hooks by the door ...

I'll have to make a vacancy sign . .

that I can hang from the door knob.

How fun would that be?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Celebrating Wheat

I've always enjoyed the little leaflet cookbooks that the flour and yeast companies provide us with from time to time.
I'm so glad that my mom kept a few of the oldies for me.
They prove that some things are timeless. . .
I'm sometimes amused to see that things that are touted as "new methods" in recipes today. . are in the old little leaflets.
When I saw the Robin Hood Flour bag celebrating 100 years. .

I thought it might have been nice of them to send the flour to the stores in some flour sacks. . .
and make the bag "green". A flour sack to celebrate 100 years. . . would be worth making into a tea towel.

I did feel a sense of Canadian pride in what our farmers have produced over the years.
When my Grandparents imigrated from Russia . .
they were allowed to come to Canada with the understanding that they would clear land in the prairies. ..and grow wheat.
The first farming that my Dad did was in the prairies.
Canada has hard wheat that makes fantastic flour.

Just another reason to feel a little Canadian pride.
I think I'll pull out my bag of flour. . .
and do some baking. . .

You know me. . .I'm all about celebrating.

All for now. . .