Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the methods

Happy last day of June!
I had such a great day yesterday.
I might not have looked forward to seeing a teacher while I was in grade school once school was dismissed for the summer. . .
but now. .
I wait for school to be out. . .
to see the teacher.
As I was saying yesterday . . .
my friend who is a Home Economics teacher, is doing homework herself. .
to put to paper . . what she already knows.
On Sunday .. .
she asked me if I would do her a favour. .
"I said. . .what kind of favour?"
She said . .."let me take pictures of you baking."
"How soon can you come .. " I said . .
"Tomorrow morning?" she hoped. . .
My mind was already on Monday. . . I couldn't wait.

We did photo's of sifting dry ingredients. .
and proper measuring techniques ..

We documented .. .the three bowl method of separating eggs.

. . .and we made a well .. .
adding egg yolks and oil to dry ingredients . . .

and finished with the proper technique of beating egg whites.
I was a bit sad when it was over. .
I could have baked with her all day ..
how handy is that to have a personal photographer for the MGCC blog. . .
but alas . .
she had homework to do.
In the afternoon. .
she emailed me the power point for her project . ..
using the pictures she took.
In the evening. .
she brought Ray . . .
we sat in the Arabian tent . .
and we sliced up the cake .
Today . . .
I am sequestering in the office.
I have a shutterfly book project to make for my mom by love's birthday . .
It will be late again Mom . .but at least I've started it before the 4th.
All for now. .

Monday, June 29, 2009

the bed

You would think. . .

that if my job on making the '50 merc into a rod. . .

is documenting the process ..

that I would do my best to keep you abreast of the progress.

I was a wee bit startled to look at the '50 Merc label on my sidebar. . .

noting that the last time I mentioned the old girl was back when she was getting her nether regions painted shiny black.

Since then. . .

throughout the winter and the spring. . .

she's been making progress.

Now. . .keep in mind that my beloved does this in his spare time. . .

and keep in mind. . .

that we have a working farm.

After the frame was painted. .

the motor and gas tank, battery compartment, front end, brakes. .

brake lines, fuel lines, automatic windows, window channels, tail gate mechanisms were all installed. . . . .

and now the bed has been fitted.

I've been called to the shop. . .

many times. . for my opinion. .

"should the two wide boards be on the outside. . .or in the center with one narrower board in between?" . .he asks

I gawk at the box and at the oak boards one way and then the other. . and offer my expert opinion. . ."which way do you like it better?"

"That's what I asked you". . .he replies. .

"I like the way you have it". . .I counter. .

"Uh. . huh. . . . it has a good balance this way doesn't it". . .he agrees.

Next, the boards will be stained . . .dark. . .nearly black .. .I think.

So. . this is how rod building is done here.

He builds. . .and putters. . .and nearly every night. . .when things get dull in the bungalow. .

he says. . ."I'm just going out to the shop for a minute" . .

and I settle down with my notebook to write and read blogs for a good half hour. .

and we're happy as clams. .

Every man. . . and every woman. .

should have a hobby which can be enjoyed by by the other by conversation . .

but doesn't need the other. . to make it enjoyable.

The conversation is pure icing on the cake.

The end of the day, generally finds us meeting in the Arabian Tent for a sip before bedtime.

Next step .. .

is the paint color. . .

and that folks. .

is the hardest decision of all.

What's happening in the bungalow today?

I have a friend who is working on her Home Ec degree. . .

and guess what. . .

she's coming to take pictures of me sifting, beating. . .and folding.

In between all that hard work. .

we'll have tea.

All for now. . .

Friday, June 26, 2009

on the day . . .

I remember exactly where I was with my boyfriend when we heard the news that Elvis Presley had died the summer of '77.

We were stopped at a red light at the intersection in town where the gas station. . . the CIBC bank. . .the little strip mall and old white church meet.

I imagine that I'll always remember yesterday as well.

Two famous people from my era. .

passed into eternity.

The news that Farrah Fawcett died in the morning. . .

was expected for sometime. . .

but Michael Jackson. . .dead at the age of 50. . . .was a bit shocking wasn't it?

I'm 50.

I thought. . .wow . . .you never know. . do you?

I felt a bit sad. .

not for the same reasons that most everyone reporting the death on TV was sad. . .

but sad.

I carried on making my Raspberry Custard Cream Pie. . ..

on the day that Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett met the One who gave them life.

All for now. . .

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Screen shots

Well anyways. .

the moral of the story is. . .

if you don't want your pictures to look as though you have a permanent pink screen window in front of your lens. . .

don't drop the camera.

I didn't do it on purpose mind you. .

but I had been going on and on. . .

how my small pocket camera was a lug to cart around.

All around me it seemed were bloggers. . .

pulling slim, sleek little cameras out of who knows where. .

and I could see that they certainly were easy to conceal.

A few months ago. . .

my mil did a bit of shopping with her "points". . .

and did quite well for herself. .

so. . .I went online. . .and checked to see if I also might do a bit of shopping with points.

There it was. . .

a slim. . .cart along. . .sleek little elph that promised to be easy to conceal. . .

(so as to not alert folks that they may be photoed. . .at a moments notice).

Sure. . .and can't you see the difference?

If you look closely. . .you can see the crack on the big .. brute of a camera. . right close to the body)

It still works. . .sometimes. . .

and I told my beloved. . that he was welcome to take the big lug .. brute of a camera with him on quading outings.

That's just the kind of girl I am.

So .. .now I have my slim sleek concealable. . and my

serious reporting camera. .

just depends who I feel I want to be on any given outing.

If you see me coming with either.. .

you may want to hide behind a tree. .

I am ruthless.

All for now. .

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Etsy shopping

Some deals are just to precious to pass up.

I was visiting over at Blackberry Rambles. . .Heather has the most darling children that I just imagine to be as sweet as they always look.

She is incredibly crafty and more than once I've been tempted to do the ratio on US vs. Canada dollar. . and see what I could order up. .

Awhile back. . .there was a deal ..

I couldn't let lie.

I ordered from her young lad Andrew. . .

a set of four flowers ..

for 25 cents a piece.

Being a smart shopper. . .when I put in my request. .

I wondered if he might spare a bit of his artwork to boot.

Sure enough. . .he sent some samples of his current projects.

I would say. . .that I got an amazing deal. .

don't you think?

Thank you Andrew. . .I do hope that your payment arrives soon.

In the meantime. . .now that I've seen her son's handiwork. .

I'm going to be keeping a close eye on Heather's etsy shop too. .

I know technique when I see it. .

All for now. .

with love. . .from Mrs. Lovella. . .

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

the warmest of welcomes

Perfect cheese scones. . .

and the fragrance of freshly baked apple raisin bread. . .

"hi. . .please come in". . .

smiles and welcomes. . . .

a table set with the utmost care . .

china. . .and individual name tags. . .

because that is the kind of hostess she is.

Later in the afternoon. . .while making dinner. . .

I thought. . .Anneliese. . .always has. . .and always will have a gift.

Making the local Mennonite Girls Can Cook. . .feel welcomed ..

I thought .. . she didn't have to do it. . but she really wanted to. . .

and boy. . does it ever make a girl feel welcome.

It was no ones birthday. . no one retired .. .no one had any kind of milestone at all.

She invited us .. . just because.

I wonder how many other women besides myself. . .

over the years she has inspired to be a hostess with a gentle manner .. .

and a bit of care. . that makes a girl feel special.

I came home and looked at my china. . .

I'll plan a luncheon. . .

soon. . .very soon. .

Surely . . .a few girls I care about need a bit of pampering.

Today is a grammie day. . .

All for now. . .

Monday, June 22, 2009

there. . .and here

So. . .anyways . . .on Friday. . .we kept close to the campground. . .

and it was a good thing we did too.

My beloved caught a baby rattler that was borrowing our beach.

He scooped it up. . using a small stick. .

and popped it in a plastic tumbler. ..

and kept it by popping another plastic tumbler. .

on top.

He let the neighboring camper kids. .

have a look, and was going to let it go up the hill aways. .

but then we decided to take it to the office.

Sure. . .and it's a good thing we did too. .

since we then found out that baby rattlers. .

are the most pugnacious little things.

They bite. . and release their venom. . .but don't let go.

We dropped him into the snake box. . .

where he had company by the big ratter that we had reported earlier in the morning.

Several hours later ..

the most precious feet stepped foot onto our camp.

The lil' farm hand and his mommy and daddy came up to play relay.

The next day .. .we left them with the trailer. . .and once the little guy was napping. . .

(to avoid a bit of sadness). . we drove home.

Father's Day . . .

I followed my beloved around the car show. .

he thought I was taking pictures of cars. . .and trucks. .

but I was taking pictures of him. . .

looking at cars. . .and trucks. .

and enjoyed it very much. . ..

Late afternoon. . .BBQ. . grandgirlie and folks. .

lots of laughing. . .and chasing. . .and hiding. . . and now. .

The day is nearly done. . .

he's happy. . .

I'm happy. . .

back in the bungalow.

All for now. . .

Friday, June 19, 2009

#197 . . .snake hunting and then some . . .

Last evening .. .
we took a trek up to the vineyard ...
to watch the sun set.
We were feeling rather relieved .. .
no more snake hunting for us. .
we are done with that sport.

Well. . .perhaps feeling as exhilarated as this fellow might be a stretch. . .
and yet ..
I can't think how many times we've gone snake hunting in the last few days. . .
needing one picture to prove we had.
There was much laughter ..
recalling the first sightings ..
who saw it first. .
The first sighting was quite frightful really.
We were walking along a path .. .
that did warn there may be rattlers ..
but we wondered if it was a bit of hoopla ..
for the tourists.
We were walking side by side. .
chatting . .
and suddenly my beloved lifted his left leg rather high . .
and jumped ever so slightly. .
I followed his eyes ..
the rattler was coiled about one foot to the side ..
rattling his little tail.
He uncoiled and snuck between two rocks. .
and we continued up the path.
Fifty feet up the path ..
I saw a little fellow. . .
and grabbed my beloved's arm ..
jumping quite high. .
and he in turn. .
jumped vertically about 3 feet. .
When he saw the little snake . .
yet without his rattle. .
he cautioned me about false reports of real snakes. .
a guy could get a fright . . .
nearly screaming like a school girl.
Of course .. that day we had no camera. .
and have not left the campsite without it since.

You can imagine how hard they are to spot. .

quite good at hiding.

It's all good. .

tomorrow we can report we saw a snake . . .

and have him moved away from the campsite.

I've been amazed really. .
at the beauty of the desert.

It proves again . .
that every thing can be beautiful .. .
when they bloom where they are intended to be.

Even a weed. .
still amazingly gorgeous ..

It's been such a wonderful time away . ..
we've decided we like warm weather camping. .
just fine.
We're missing our little ones . .
and found our way to the shops today.
Last year. .
I was disappointed to see that Roxy and Quicksilver sizes started for toddlers. .
we have those now. .
and bought treats.
It's hard not to make animal sounds .. .

. .both of us . .
looking at each other. . .
knowing how pathetic we are.

Every day . . .
we thought about finishing the merc at home . .
reminders of what fun it will be when she's done next spring. .

I mentioned that when he is finished the merc . .
he will have to find me a . ..
grand getter . . .
something with at least room for three in the back. . .
he wont' be hard to convince. .
he's planning many rides to the DQ. .
picking up a grand on the way.

I'll be keeping my eyes open. ..
and today . ..
we'll not leave the campsite. . .
not far anyways ..
we're expecting visitors. . .
How fun!
Next Monday .. . I'll be back reporting from the bungalow . .
All for now . .

Thursday, June 18, 2009

out and about from # 197

Morning walk about .. .
yesterday we saw three rattle snakes . . .
but had no camera ..
do you think we could find one today?
Late morning ..
drive about. .
finding a lovely spot high above the valley. .
a baguette .. and some cheese ..
it was the nicest date we've had in ages .. .
The afternoon. . .reading . .and relaxing . . . .
Dinner time. .
beef tenderloins . . .grilled veggies. . .garlic bread .. the menu was set.
A wind storm came over the water ..
and with a BBQ that came with the trailer that promises to blaze . .
but does nothing but blow out ...
dinner was delayed. .
but we cared not a speck ..
What's the rush?. . .he said. . .
and he was right.
All for now. .
with love,

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Under the Awning at #197

Under the awning ..
a coffee pot .. .
brewing. . .
Be here by 7:15 AM and you can sit on the other side of the table.
and a toaster .. .
toasting. .
and brick of cheddar and some peanut butter and jam.. .

Oh . .and fantastic news. . .

We wondered aloud to those that would give us half an ear .. .

"do you think that Cherries will be ready?"

"No. . .too early". .. .they said with little effort at sounding contrite.

I can imagine their delight in our good fortune.

. ..but of course ..

how would they have known the Chelan's are ready.

At $3.00 a small basket . .. .we eat them like proper adults. . .

whilst we recall summers past camping with our Rempel friends .. .

boxes of Cherries consumed each day.

Of course .. that came with it's own issues.

We walked up to the Vineyards yesterday morning .. .

and saw a rattler on the path. .

It's all good . . .

my back continues to have less spasms . . .

each day a little better.

All for now. .

Monday, June 15, 2009

nk'mip #197

On Saturday evening .. .after the outside chores were completed ..

my beloved vacuumed the house. ..so I could leave.

He wondered. .. ."can you do the five hour drive?"

I wondered .. ."how early can you get up?"

I woke up at 4:30. . .and we were on the road by 5:00 AM.

Having no coffee in hand . ..

we pledged to one another ..

that we could make it up the mountain and enjoy some breakfast at Manning Park Resort.

We got there at 7 ish .. and they open on Sundays. . .at 8 ish.

So .. .we drove to Princeton to the A&W to enjoy a hearty and delicious bacon & EGGER.

At their door .. was a sign .. no coffee.

Surely they jest .. .

The girl said .. "oh ..we've had the worst morning .. the coffee maker blew up"

I glanced in the obvious direction and saw the coffee maker appearing unblown. .

but gave her the appropriate sympathizing response.

My beloved. ..ran across to Chevron and came back with two large fairly fresh dark roasts. .

and I ordered up two bacon & EGGERS .

We rode into Osoyoos town ..

which is Canada's very own dessert.

It was still too earlyto claim our campsite .. . so we went to our favorite little store ..

the Home Hardware ..

where instead of purchasing my souvenir at the end of holiday . .

I picked it out first . .

They had an assortment of gravity lounges that I now affectionately call the
Ankle Reducer.

Oh . ..bliss.

My beloved packed my prize out of the store ..

and tucked it safely into the storage compartment of the trailer.

Upon arriving at Nk'mip . . .

we backed into our spot ..

unloaded the Ankle reducer ..

and there I sat . . .

whilst the all important connections were made.

He connected the manly things. .

while I connected my notebook.

Our last camping trip. .

we had cable and wi fi ..

this camping trip. .

we have wi fi . .

and our next planned trip. .

we'll have the mountains and lakes .. .

and I'll not be reporting ..

a thing.

Since I get but one Sabbatical a year. .

I save it. .

and report to you each day this week. .

from #197 . . .

Thank you .. .from the bottom of my heart for covering me in your prayers. .

I'm feeling much better. .

It may be the Ankle Reducer ..

but I rather suspect I've been blessed with healing.

Speaking of prayer . ..

the dessert here has seen no rain in months . .

but as we ate under our awning ..

the rain fell. .

"I prayed for Judy's corn crop" .. .I said. .

I smiled.

All for now . .

with love,

Saturday, June 13, 2009


I had taken these pictures a few months ago. .

and had not found a reason to post them. .

except .. .

now this is what my back feels like. .

seized up.

I know that God is teaching me how much I need to appreciate the good health. .

I usually have .. .

and to appreciate. . .the pain the others have. I am thankful.

Yesterday. . .I went to my chiro. . .Terry took me. .

we ended up going in the truck. .

because I could not crouch down to get into the lowered Trailblazer. .

Imagine seeing him give my bottom a boost. .

while I pulled on the "never ever needed as much as now" hand grips.

So. . after the appointment. .. I had considerable less spasms.

I walked the property. . as if I would give birth in the next hour.

Then. . .the nicest thing happened.

Friends of ours. . who we had dis invited. .

called to say they were bringing Chinese.


I got myself into a chair. . and didn't move from 7 until 11.

Earlier in the afternoon . . .I had. . in one of my more flexible moments. .

mixed up a batch of dough that you can find today on the MGCC.

Easy peasy. . if a girl with back spasms can do it. . so can you.

My beloved and my girlfriends husband. .

offered to put the dough on pans for shortcake.


I told them what to turn the oven to. . .and told them to shape the dough. . however they saw fit.

They "sugared" the berries and whipped some cream.

The presentation was awesome. ..

and since I was the girl with issues. .

they offered the shortcakes and the berries and the whipped cream to me first.

They began to plate theirs while I took a taste.

I allowed my tongue to taste one berry. . (even though it is dreadfully rude for the hostess to start eating dessert before the guests have their dessert on their plate).

I said. . ."STOP"

"you used salt. . .instead of sugar"

They did. . .poor fellas.

Fortunately. . my beloved had picked up the large container of Strawberries from the stand down the road. .

Fortunately .. .I had put. . a 1 litre of whipping cream on the grocery list that I had sent with my beloved the night before.

Fortunately. . .I had taken only one half of the massive shortcakes they had offered me.

So. . it was all good.

They went back to the kitchen. . and sliced more berries. .

and whipped more cream. . .

and used sugar.

My back did not seem to have proper appreciation for the 7 - 11 sit.

My beloved is gathering the eggs. .

and when he is done. .

he'll hoist me once again in the truck. .

and take me to the chiro once more.

. . . .

later in the afternoon ..

I went and saw Dr. Tony .. and had a very thorough spinal adjustment . .

Oh . ..a wee bit of relief is so appreciated.

so .. . .one day at a time ..

When I can bend and wash my floors and clean the bathroom. .

I'll be one happy girl.

All for now. .