Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wednesday afternoon

Two PM Wednesday afternoon. . .

The lil' farm hand has snuggled down with the white soft cotton blankie that his .. .

great great great Oma crocheted the edges on. . .

When teething molars. . .we need all the comfort we can get.

The morning nap didn't quite happen. .

he yawned and preferred me to carry around his twenty three or so pounds. .

and I did. . .

For lunch I warmed us all a bowl of homemade green bean soup. .

he ate like a trucker. .

I gave him a Zwieback. . .

he ate like a trucker. .

The roofers have just arrived. .

they are here giving us some estimates on having the bungalow reroofed. .

I can hear them stomping around up there like elephants. .

back and forth. .

So far so good. . .

the room next to me remains quiet as a mouse. .

I best get moving though. . .

I have a list I want to accomplish before napping is done.

PS. . I love spring. . .can you tell?

All for now. . .with love,

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

tummy shot

Laying on my tummy taking pictures on the sidewalk proved to be a odorous occasion.

The farmer/gardener had been there tossing bits of "natural" fertilizer fresh from the barn.

I knew this. . .

because earlier in the day. . .

I was spying.. . .

through my spotless windows.

Quite frankly . .. (still thinking about our discussion yesterday. . .the rules regarding people that don't live in our bungalow per se . .but spend enough time here to make a significant dent in our grocery bill). . .

I was thinking. . that one of these days. . .I'm going to nonchalantly ask them to line up outside in the back yard. . .and then whilst they least expect it. .

snap (at lightening speed). . .a pile of photos. . .

through the spotless windows. .

and post them. . . . for your amusement.

The idea. . .just cracks me up. .

Today is Cousin Camp. .

and I'm pretty sure I'll be saying. .

"no no no. . .stay out of the garden .. that's buckey" ..

(roughly translated. . stinky or dirty. .or both)

..and then I'll tell them why. . ."Dampa" . . I'll say. . .

and at the name they love to hear. . .

they'll head off in the general direction of where "Dampa" is most often located.

All for now. . .with love,

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

going to school

I try terribly hard not to go on and on about my kids. .

I do not try to avoid going on and on about my grands. . .

but my kids. . .well. . . that is another story ..

for the most part .. .I give them some privacy and . . .

I try to remember this is my blog.

Generally speaking only the people currently living in the bungalow . .

are subject to my blog rules . .

which. . simply vary from day to day.

Quite frankly . .between you and me. . .I think that they are quite fortunate that I wasn't blogging during their early years. . .

Yesterday. . .I got a call from our eldest. . .

I said. . ."well?"

He said. . ."I passed"

I said. . ." I prayed terribly hard. . and I'd like a bit of recognition for that"

He said "okay" (clearly feeling the elation of the end of school)

So. ..tell me the truth .. .

if you were on a trail deep in the woods and you broke your leg to smithereens. . .

and coming from the opposite direction was my eldest (daddy to the lil' farm hand). . .

would you not feel quite delighted to find that this son of mine had just passed his third level industrial first aid . . and could now. .

splint you ... pack you out of there. . .and deliver you to the doctor. . .like a pro?

I thought so. . .

All for now. . with love,

Monday, April 27, 2009

Window cleaning

Far be it from me to claim the job well done. .

that would be my beloved. .

Saturday morning we were relaxing over a cup of coffee when. . .

suddenly .. .yes suddenly. . he spotted the. . .spotted windows.

I knew then that by the end of the day. . they would be spotted no longer.

I also knew that my job. . .the blinds would be cleaned in conjunction with the windows.

Having a one level bungalow certainly has its advantages. . .

cleaning windows can be done safely. . .

and if you have two levels in the front. . and three in the back. .

like some people I love very very much. .

call a window washer. .

Otherwise. .for the windows that are easily reached. .

try this recipe

Window washing solution

2 cups water

1/4 teaspoon dish soap (this gets rid of the wax buildup from commercial cleaners)

1/4 cup vinegar

Combine these items in a clean spray bottle.

Use a sponge mop or as we have. . .a fluffy mop. . to suds the cleanser around.

and squeegee. . it all dry. .

use a piece of paper towels to clean the window sill while you are at it. .

and then. . .

you can take pictures out of the window. .

while they least expect it. .

stay tuned.

All for now. . .with love,

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Chris Tomlin - How Can I Keep From Singing

This morning .. .when I woke up, this song was in my heart. .
That happens so rarely that when it did, I felt that I must find it and let you hear it too. .
"how can I keep from singing your praise? How can I ever say enough?"
I thought about how so many of you are on my heart this weekend. . and as this song says. .
"though the storms may come I am holding on to the rock .. I cling!"

I'm still praying for you. . .I'm tempted to say you by name, but I know that there are many more yet. .that God wants to touch with his Love. .
OH. .and the pictures. . I just smiled. .and thought. . well that would be a fun job ..

Anways. . blessings!

All for now. . .with love,

Friday, April 24, 2009


Spring is here. . really here. .

Blue water coming down from the mountains. .

coursing between the thick moss covered banks. .

. .. still quiet campsites. . with the fresh green yet untrodden plants. .

. . the quiet lake which is biding its time . . .

I hope you have a moment this weekend to pause . ...

from paying bills. .

from trying to shuffle a budget. . .

from the endless commute back and forth to work. .

from the never ending task of minding children. .

from the weariness of your week. .

from the reno on your home that seems endless. .

and have a bit of time free of the pain that your body is giving you. .

from the pain your heart has endured.

I think of so many of you. . .

and pray. .

that your soul will be nourished .. .

and your body soothed . . .

enough. .

to make you smile.

All for now. . .with love,

Thursday, April 23, 2009

tip toe

On occasion. . .

when I see my beloved coming to the house. .

and the wee ones have just settled for a nap. .

I run to the door. .

with a very quiet. . .

but very obvious. .


Oh I love this sign seen outside a children's boutique. .

they have obviously put a child down for a nap. . .

once or twice. .

Can you relate?

Today is DATE day .. woo hoo. .

we're going hunting for potential camping spots. . close to home. .

All for now. . .with love,

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

show me your rhubarb

Oh the rhubarb is nearly ready to harvest. . .how is yours? I loved the chatter between the Mennonite Girls Can Cook Yesterday. . . Rhubarb is read in more than one farm yard garden .. . Today I have Cold Oven Pound Cake with Strawberry filling posted over there. . .run and have a look. . and stay tuned. . the rhubarb recipes should be up in a week or two. .

It's a grammie day. .

All for now. . .with love,

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Imagine. . .the smile on my face. .

sitting on my lawn chair with a nice cup of coffee. .

with no concern of the lil' farm hand running off. .

Oh . . . oh. . .he's smarter than I gave him credit for. .

imagine me now. . .getting out of my chair. .

and now. . .you know what today is. .

All for now. . .with love,

Monday, April 20, 2009

traipsing and thinking

I was thinking as I traipsed around the farm. .

capturing the details of spring. .

that the tiny details are most impressive to me.

The ruffled white edge on the grape hyacinth is perfect. . .on every little "grape".

The Purple Magnolia. .is slowly emerging from it's winter fur coat. .

how fun is that?

Even the purple lilac. . .still quite tentative at this point. .

has all its blooms. . .ready to release.

The plum tree. . .has a steady stream of visitors. . . .

offering up some real nectar. . (as opposed to the sugar water I'm feeding my hummers)

Every year I am amazed. . at the renewal process that God created.

God who made this much beauty for our enjoyment. .

surely can make something beautiful out of each one of us. . .

I'm a little excited. . .and a little fearful. . .

but my life is in the hands of the master creator...

When I look back at my life ten years from now. . .

oh goodness. . will I see something of beauty and contentment created of my character. . .

or something of bitterness and discontentment ?

Time will tell. . . it always does.

All for now. . .with love.

Friday, April 17, 2009

spring peek

Up here in Canada we take spring very seriously.
Every day that the sun shines and the thermometer hits 15 Celsius. .
we go searching for the promises of summertime.

Bulbs that I forgot to plant until a pleasant day in January . .
decided that in spring time. .
they'll bloom regardless of the rules.
We circle the fruit trees. . .
looking for buds ..

. . .and when we find them. .
we touch them as if for the first time ever.

We walk the rows of raspberries ..

and since he can't remember what a fresh raspberry tastes like. .

we talk about picking fresh raspberries and piling them on big bowls of ice cream. . .

and I am rewarded with smiles.

All for now. . with love,

Thursday, April 16, 2009

making coffee

Typically. . .our day begins at precisely 7 AM.

This year for Christmas we got this amazing coffee maker which .. .

works really well.

It grinds the coffee and after selecting the desired strength of coffee . .

it brews a beautiful pot.

When our mornings begin quickly .. .aka cousin camp/grammie days. .

sometimes. . .even the simplest tasks are beyond my capability.

Grandgirlie arrives. . .7 AM. . .about the time. . we open our eyes.

This last Tuesday. . .it went something like this. . .

6:55. . .I said. . "we better get up. . I hear the truck"

(shuffling to the kitchen. . . to get the coffee started before the door opens)

7:00 AM. .Greetings salutations and all around happiness. .

7:01. senses alert me to the fact that the coffee pot is filling with hot steaming water. . . . .

I spewed out my most common minced oath. . "Oh brother". .I forgot to unpress the "grind off" button. .

Try again. . .refill the water reservoir.. . . . press grind. .

I begin to settle into routine. . .asking typical mom questions. . I glance over at the coffee pot. . . .again a minced oath .. . stepping it up a notch . ."Oh shoot". . I forgot the filter. .

Trying to stay calm. . I rinse out the pot. . .fill the reservoir. . assure that the filter is in place. .

press the on button. .. .and then. . .nothing. . silence. .

Now I am looking at the coffee maker with a mix of fear and disappointment. . how could it cause me grief at such a crucial time of my day. .

Then it dawns on me. . .that quickly read instruction on Christmas Day that referred to the cleaning of the grinder after every six brews. . .My mind cannot calculate how many brews have happened since Christmas morning. . perhaps too many?

Tossing bits of toast to the wee one. . .I unplug the coffee maker and send it over to my beloved for a closer look .. He takes it outside for a bit of a discussion. . . .while I go to the pantry to find the trusty old coffee grinder that was unceremoniously cast aside when the new complete coffee maker with attached grinder arrived.

I ground up a healthy amount of beans. . .and quickly made a pot of coffee ..

What happened to the new improved model you ask?

I found the brush that comes with the coffee maker with the attached grinder. . .

and gave it a go. .

It swept the tightly packed espresso grounds nice and smooth. .

realizing that this would not even chip the surface. .

I did what everyone does that has not a proper tool. .

I used my sharpest paring knife. . and poked and chipped away at the ground espresso . .

until. . I found the bottom. . .

How that coffee maker managed to grind coffee with decent strength until Tuesday morning is a small miracle in itself . .

Tuesday evening before retiring. . I took no chances. .

I filled the reservoir with water. . .filled the bean grinder with beans

checked to make sure the filter was in place. .

and got up at 6:45 to be sure that my son would not have cause to say ..

as he walked out the door. .

don't forget about the child.

All for now. .with love,

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the hummers

Last week I cleaned and refilled the hummingbird feeder.

Since then. . .there is a steady flow of traffic .. .

a man and a lady hummer. .

and plenty of humming.

There is even some occasional sitting. . .

I took these photos from the kitchen window ..

very stealthily. . .apparently I'm very scary. .

the season is young. .

there is time. .

perhaps we'll become friends ..

and maybe. ..just maybe. .

they'll sit still long enough to have their photo taken sans. . .blur.

'tis . . .a grammie day. .

All for now. . .with love,

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

all done!

I echo Grandgirlie's words. . ."all done".

Easter is cleaned up. . .the pans are dried and put away for next year.

On Saturday I suddenly decided I needed to have a bit of my good friend Hilda's glums paska for the paska topping . . and so I whipped up a batch. . which I'll post next year. . remind me.

I'm glad I have a hidden loaf or two of paska in the freezer. . .

at least it was still there last time I looked.

I made the braid for the table centerpiece as long as I could. .

maybe . . .someday I'll need an extra wide oven. . .

if our table continues to grow. . .

which reminds me. . .

it's a grammie day. . .

and we are hunting Easter eggs today. .

(since the bunny was stuck in the mud on Sunday). . .

oh joy. .

All for now. . .with love,

Monday, April 13, 2009

down from the closet

The closets in the bungalow are forever being scrutinized for organizational space.

The conversation went something like this after Easter brunch ..

Me. ."hey you guys .. do you want to keep that steering wheel for that video game you used to play .. (used to as in before they were married and then some). . . or can I get rid of that".

They said .. ."hey mom . . .that's good stuff. . you can't huck that. . let the kids use it."

So I hauled it out. . .and driving lessons were the rainy Easter day activity.

Lil' farm hand and Grandgirlie taking turns. . . driving Dampa all over the place.

Toys from the closet. . . with the depreciation figured in. . .free ..

Free entertainment . . . .priceless.

All for now. ..with love,