Friday, February 27, 2009

my playhouse. . .at last

Ever since I was quite little. . .

I dreamed of having my own play house.

I wanted a place where I could have my little friends over. . . to play house of course.

My friend Mary MacAulay who lived down the road when I was in elementary school. . .

had the best playhouse.

Her house had an unfinished basement that had one corner of it set aside for the two of us to string up lines and blankets.

We hauled old wooden crates, chipped dishes, her mothers old heels and dresses .. .

and our fantasies of who we were currently married to never ended.

The plot never changed. . .I was permanently pregnant. . .always with a long black satin skirt with a pillow stuffed underneath to bring further proof to my condition.

We made shelving out of old boards found behind the family dairy barn. . .

and we swept that basement floor clean. . .( I had an odd thing about wanting to clean up at other peoples houses for a bit .. .don't worry. . .that ended)

and the clock meant nothing to us . . .

It seems fitting that for my year of Jubilee. . .

my beloved and I begin a new chapter in our lives . ..

and his gift to me .. .

was a playhouse.

I've wasted no time. . . making it homey . .for the two of us ..

and on occasion we just may invite a wee one or two. . .

to join us.

Our first trip will be all alone. . .just the way we started.

I thought I'd show you a few shots before the playing begins. . .while it's still all neat and clean.

We're not going anywhere just yet. . .but when we do. . you'll know it.

I'll do a jubilee celebration in review next week. . .

we're still celebrating.

All for now. ..with love,

Thursday, February 26, 2009


What is wrong with this picture?

Yesterday, in the middle of the blizzard, I nonchalantly emailed my grandgirlie. .

asking her for a picture appropriate for a wantedWarryn, the grand massive guinea . . . poster.

I received an email back. .

telling me that Warryn felt honoured with the request . . .

and she even sent three so that I might select his best profile.

Far be it from me to whine and complain. . .
after all he is quite a fine specimen of a weather forecaster and all. . .

but in the future. . .

I won't be so easily convinced. . .and he'll get his lettuce leaf. . .

when he is right about the "no more snow. . .prediction".
At the end of the day. . .
I was one happy girl. . knowing our kids and wee ones were safe in their nests .. . once more.
Party on!!

All for now. . with love,

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"buck . . buck"

Sometimes it is the tiny details that are the most endearing.

Things that go "buck buck"

. . .wind chimes with chickens chiming against little metal rods. . .

eagles. . . that soar above us. . . and dance in the sky. . . grasping at one anothers claws. . .

and diving together. . .

. . .the obvious. . .chickens in the barn

.. . .crows. . .lined up on telephone wires dodging cars risking their necks for a bit of road kill . . .

. .. .a dried leaf on the grass. . .

looking as if it is about to take flight. . .

. ..and yesterday. . .

We couldn't see the "buck. . buck". . .but the lil' farm hand was insistent .. . pointing to the ceiling . ..a pesky house fly had found its way into the bungalow.

Little details . . a moment to listen . . .and a lifetime to remember.

All for now. . .with love,

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Having my cake and eating it too!!

Dear goodness. . . .what a party it was is. . ..

It was very tempting to show you the picture of my big boys clowning about. . .

but instead I'm showing you their mature . . .friendly side with a wee twinkle in their eye.

After dinner at the Keg with the big kids. . .we came back to our house and enjoyed dessert made by Bea. . .

( I immediately tried to rope her into the MGCC. . . smart girl saw me coming)

Thank you .. .oh so much for all the smiles yesterday.

I was absolutely blessed beyond belief and so humbled by all the posts and comments helping me celebrate my Jubilee.

I said. . . "I don't deserve all this kindness. . . .it's too much. . .they are too kind"

He smiled. . . and was a bit teary. . .you blessed us both. . .thank you!!!

I've not many pictures to prove where I've all been and what I've been doing. . .

but at the end of the week, I'll do my best effort to tell the stories. .. .in review.

All for now. .with love,

Monday, February 23, 2009


I decided two years ago while searching for a picture of my mom at age 48. . .
I would take a picture every year .. .a little self photography. . .nothing fancy. . .
just me and my trusty Cannon.
If you feel the need to compare this years entry with the last two. . check under birthday posts on my sidebar.
This is my big 50 .. .for documentation purposes.
My mom always said. . ." you are much prettier when you smile". . .and again she was correct. . .
I tried to take a few looking reflective. . .and at age 50. . I looked a wee bit slack in the jowls. . .
smiling. . .actually tightens up the jaw line. ..
. . . ah good times.
What can I record today that I haven't already said?
I feel as though I've poured my heart out on this blog .. .
if not outright at least enough for me to know what I was saying in retrospect. . .
between the lines.
I've already been treated with such kindness this weekend and the festivities to celebrate my jubilee are not nearly done. . .
I will summarize the weeks events on Friday.
For now. . .I am blissfully content . . .
with my lot in life . . .
Update . 6:15 in the morning. . .all I can say is I am speechless. .
to all my bloggy friends who have posted in my honour. .
Thank you. . you girls know my heart. .
I am completely humbled by this. .
This morning's read has been. . .
the best package of cards. .
Thank you. .

All for now. . .with love,

Friday, February 20, 2009


This week I learned .. .

the value of dodging a pucker that is in reality my lips looking like a suitable teething ring. . .

the best physical fitness regime comes with no manual . . .just a child's chatter that beckons me to come . . .

being available to keep someone company .. .sometimes comes with unexpected blessings. . . .

sitting outside in the sunshine drinking coffee out of a paper cup mid February in Canada with good company (since Vee asked. .yes it was my beloved) . .is better than drinking it out of a china cup anywhere else.

See you Monday with a post to celebrate my Jubilee.

All for now .. .with love,

Thursday, February 19, 2009

buy lard

It was the most gorgeous day here in Coastal British Columbia.

The grandgirlie and I played ball. . .

chased ball. .

carried ball ..

bit ball. . .

and wore jellies. .

I had looked at rubber boots but purchased jellies instead. .

and was glad.

The plants all felt the warmth as well.

The lily of the valley bush. . has the most optimism and confidence for Warren's earlier prediction that winter is over.. .

The daff's poked out to have a look. .

I made a note to buy lard when I saw that the rhubarb has a few thick stalks all curled in a ball.

The lilac . . .though still many weeks away from blooming. . .

holds a bit of promise. . .

I love a promise now and then. . .

All for now. . with love,

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Niagra Falls

In the 80's my brother and sister in law Gerry and Heidi moved to Ontario with their girls so that Gerry could attend Bible College there.

After a few years of not seeing them. . .

we made the trek out.

It was the first large plane flight for either of us .. .and the trip across the prairies.. .

was white.

Though we went to see family, they graciously toured us around ..

Kitchener, Waterloo, Toronto. . .and of course you can't go to Ontario without visiting

Niagara Falls.

It still boggles my mind to think that these pictures were taken in March.

I suppose this is the Canada that people think of when we talk about a Canadian winter.

With bloggy friends across the land. . .

I pay close attention to the weather. . .

It's supposed to hit 12 Celsius or 53 F here today. . .how's it looking your way?

It's another grammie day. . . I'm hoping the jelly shoes I bought for the grandgirlie. . .fit HER. .

because when the lil' farm hand found them and tried to put them on yesterday. . . .

he had no luck. . .which. . really worked out for the best.

All for now. . .with love,

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

front row. . .first seat

I have tickets for a play today. . .

The plot is slim to none .. .

I clap. . .quite often. . .not sure when the first act starts or when it ends. . .

It's a grammie day. .

all for now. . .with love,

Monday, February 16, 2009

Pussy Willows

My mom taught me that some of the best things in life are free.

The earliest indication of spring .. .for me,

is the pussy willow.

You can't lolligag. . .

those soft little puffs turn to little green sprouts faster than you could imagine.

Every year I'm on the look out for the perfect pussy willow patch .. .

and this year. . . I found the best patch ever.

There is not a bouquet in the world .. .that could make me smile like this one did.

Do you all have pussy willows where you live?

All for now. .with love,

Friday, February 13, 2009

Souffle's for two

I have a stack of Valentine cards sitting in the package. . .

. .. .but they'll stay put for this year.

I just want you to know that I value your friendship. . .

I am humbled by your effort to connect . .

I count myself blessed to be loved .. .and that is all I need.

If I could send you each a little chocolate souffle. . . I would.

Would you not enjoy that more than a valentines card anyways?

That is what I thought too.

I have a little stack of these in my freezer. . ..

just in case .. . .

In the meantime. . .I'll go post the recipe on the Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog. . .

and perhaps you can make two .. . late in the evening. . .just as I plan to do.

This weekend, may you feel loved. . .

Happy Valentines Day!!!

With love,

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Daisy Melmac

We've been going through some boxes of camping equipment. . .thinking ahead to spring and lazy days of sitting at the campsite just relaxing. I hadn't seen this particular box for years and so when my beloved brought it in. .. I smiled a slow growing grin. All things from the late 50's and the 60's which really are where my memories are from. . .are particularly special .. .this my year of jubilee.

I shudder to think that at one point, I nearly sent these to the thrift store. These dishes were the ones that Terry grew up with and then after that they were assigned to our camping trips. We used them many times when our children were small. . .and now they've found their way back into our life

This melmac will see many more camping trips before we're done with them. . . . Those bowls have seen many breakfasts and many bowls of soup. . . and the little plates are perfect for sandwiches and a bit of toast.

Do you think I'm just a teensy bit nostalgic? I was asked yesterday . . .what plans we have to celebrate my jubilee. I'm celebrating today. . .and tomorrow and likely right until the last day of December. There will be many moments that will make this year memorable. . ..made in Canada aqua daisy melmac is just one part of the plan. . .

All for now. . .with love,

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

today. . .we will say goodbye

I want to thank each one of you that took a moment to leave such kind and loving words of condolence to Hilda and her family. I plan to print them out and give them to her with the post. . . a bloggy card.

Today we will say "goodbye" to John . . .but really we will say .. .till we meet again. This has been such a different week than we could ever have imagined for our first week of February 2009. It does make a person pause to wonder and realize that we can plan our days and look forward to our future here on earth, but as we've witnessed, you never know.

Our first stop will be to the cemetery. . . We'll stand shoulder to shoulder with other close friends. . .right behind the family who has lost the one they love so much.

The celebration of John's life will take place after that in the church he loved to worship in. I can only imagine how many lives he touched there. While I am nearly certain there will be weeping and sadness because he is missed. . .there will be smiles and hearts full of thanksgiving for a life well lived.

Many people live good lives and hope it is good enough ... John was a good man, but he was saved by grace and his love for Jesus and nothing more.

After the service, we'll go to center court and have some lunch together. . . people will sit around the tables and tell of their memories and visit with people they haven't seen in ages. . . there will be lots of hugging and nods of understanding . . ..

And then. . .we'll all go each to our own homes . . and that is the part that will be the hardest . .. . .

My prayer is that God will surround Hilda with a peace that she could have never imagined. I pray that God will keep us all mindful .. .family and friends alike, of little ways we can fill the gap for this family we care about.

We have already seen so many ways that the little details have fallen perfectly into place .

It is in these small details that I have assurance that God in his Heavens. . . is leaving not one detail of Hilda and John's life together. . .unfinished.

All for now. . .with love,

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kitchen Scissor buns

The last little while, I have been going back and forth to the fridge, hauling out my ice cream pail and pinching off a ball of dough.. .rolling it into a cylinder .. .and letting it rise. After about a half hour .. .I pull my scissors out of the drawer. . .and cut deep into the cylinder ever inch and a half or so .. .depending on how big I want my scissor rolls to be. Then, I turn them first one way. . .and the next one the other way.

They look so professional. . .I am tempted to tell guests. . .I made those you know. . .

Oh Lovella. . .you may be in your year of Jubilee. . but sometimes you are still a school girl. If you would like to impress your guests with homemade scissor rolls. . run on over to Mennonite Girls Can Cook. . I've posted it there.

It's a cousin camp day today. . . I'd best go put my runners on . .

All for now. . with love,

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