Tuesday, September 30, 2008

shiny new paint

Yesterday, while the rest of the continent was running amuck. . with the financial situation. .down south. . my beloved was blissfully and intentionally
I ran out to the paint booth. . . . in the back yonder. .
I said . . . ."they voted down the bail out plan"
He said. . . "oh"
I said. . ."the markets have lost . . ..a lot"
He said. . ."what's for lunch?"
I ran back to the bungalow to throw a frozen pizza in the oven.
I ran back to the painting booth out back yonder. . .
I said. . "shall I bring the picnic out?"

The innards and the frame of the old Merc have had a coat or two of shiny paint and they are drying
on the fancy drying old trampoline frame.
I took this picture because. .
you can see Mount Baker's snowy cap in the distance ..
and the manure storage bricks in the background. . .

So, the day came to a close yesterday.
History was made, in the financial scene. . and out back yonder behind the barn.
Later in the evening the innards were ceremoniously carried to the safety of the shop.

It seemed like such a pleasant day, in our neck of the woods.

On this last day of September. . . have a wonderful day my friends. . .

Monday, September 29, 2008

garage sale

On Saturday I ran up to the kids to retrieve the lil' farmhand. . .

As I pulled into their drive, my senses perked up as a saw the garage sale next door with little kid things on the market.

The medium sized kids next door were begging encouraging me to come peruse their quality merchandise . .. .so I did.

I did my best impersonation of a not so interested granny. .. .as my eagle eyes set upon the multiple sets of wheels.

The wagon. . . had last seen a dusty road. . . and I mentally noted that the car washing brigade would soon be set up back at the farm .. .one or two more vehicles in the lineup would hardly be noticed. . .especially with the mention of grands getting dusty bottoms.

So. . . .

I set my jaw in a firm .. . no nonsense line. . . whittled them down five bucks ..

and gleefully set to packing the vehicles into my vehicle.

A little garage sale shopping . ..
Perfect weather. . .
visiting with the grands. . .
We had a great weekend.
Oh .. .and today .. .is the day my beloved has been anticipating all summer long.
We are experiencing a summer like high pressure ridge in British Columbia.
The temperature is perfect.
The chores are underway, and after they are done .. .
well. . .I'll take some pictures.
Have a wonderful day my friends.

Friday, September 26, 2008

fall clean up begins

The Fall asters have taken over the beds.
They grow wild up in the mountains .. and we plant them as perennials in our gardens.
This last August they were nearly finishing their bloom in the mountain ..
down here in the valley. . . their time has come.
Fall coloring in earnest is yet some time away here in the valley .. .
but the clean up of the gardens has commenced.
I'll be outside this afternoon with my wheelbarrow and my pruners. .
The other day, I called my beloved in for lunch. .
moments later I heard the hedge trimmer roar to life .. .
He said. . ."I'm just going to buzz over this climbing hydrangea"
Now look at this picture my friends. . .
Here you have a man. . .that has very sore shoulders. . .
You might not be able to see it very clearly. .
there is a footstool for our lawn chairs in the bed of the truck. . .
to add support. . .
The shoes have been removed. . so as not to scratch the paint. . .
And indeed. . . not 10 minutes later. . .he was in for lunch.
This is not uncommon. . .
if you drive by and see us out there cleaning up our yard today. .
and you see odd things. . . you might like to wave. .
we'll wave back.
Have a wonderful weekend my friends.
See you Monday.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jill makes me laugh

In the summer of 2007. . .Jill from Texas came to visit me.
We spent a week together seeing the local sights. . .and . . . we talked .. . and laughed.
Yesterday. . .we laughed some more. . .her at her house in Salt Lake City .. where they've recently moved to .. .and I in my house.

I woke up really early yesterday morning. . .and crept into the office of the bungalow to do some "office work" and tried to be quiet about it since my beloved was still in resting mode.

I just so enjoy the new blogger feature that enables me to preview .. .quickly what is up on each of my blog friends. . .blogs.
Imagine the look on my face. . .when I read this teaser line. . .on Jills blog.

In the meantime. . I'm posing with my chocolate pie. . . (doing my best impression of her Lovella)
Sorry. . .I didn't make muffins yesterday. . .and I didn't have a pink top .. purple is close.

Who doesn't love chocolate pie. . besides Judy . .?

You can see that over at Mennonite Girls Can Cook. ..

Have a wonderful day my friends.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

29 year old van

Pulling the old van out of the attic yesterday proved to provide hours of endless fun. . .
for us. .
Having both grands over. . .we needed a second vehicle.
It might have been funny when our boys rode this van. . .
but nothing compared to how funny it was yesterday.
In between pushing his little cousin on her Diego car. . up and down the hallway.
He hopped on this van.
He might have short legs. . but he does not have short legged boy syndrome.
If both legs can't reach the ground. . . one can. . .
and off he went. . honking the horn.
Cousin Camp . .. .priceless.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

free fun

Packing around the grands. . .

I've noticed how much they love shadows. . .

I humor them. . .

with my best shadow shapes .. .

I particularly like to point out to them. . .

my very long legs. . .

I have the best free fun imaginable today. . .
the wee ones are on their way. . .
. . .I have my runners on. . .
they're crawling . . .
Have a wonderful day my friends.
( my walk . . . will be a run)

Monday, September 22, 2008

yo yo . . . woo hoo

Fantastic news. . .
On Friday night when I went to the Mennonite Central Committee. . .
Relief Sale. . .
I found the the jackpot. .
hidden underneath a stack of quilts on a drying rack.
Peeking out from underneath. . I caught a glimpse of this. .
and I lifted the other quilts to have a peek. .
keeping my hand on it at all times.
I lifted if off the rack ..
and noticed that my find was drawing a good bit of attention. . .
I held it possessively protectively. . .
while I made the decision that took all of 10 seconds.

A yo yo quilt is not really a quilt in the true sense of the word. . .it is more of a coverlet. . .without a backing. You can check here for more information on it. . .
The quilts gained popularity in the early 30's through the 40's. . .
The fabrics appear to be from my childhood era. .
I have no idea how old it is. . .the fabrics are all cotton vintage. . wonderful old prints.
The ladies at the booth .. .smiled when I brought it to them to purchase. .
they knew. .that I knew. . . that I had found something very precious.
They said it had been donated. . .and they considered putting it on the auction as they do the many quilts that are made for the sole purpose of raising money for impoverished people around the world.
They decided to put a $100 ticket on it. .

Several years ago at the MCC sale. . .
I picked up our night tables. .
old hospital bed tables. . .
brought them home. . .
gave them a bath ..
set them beside our bed.

I imagined immediately this coverlet. . .fitting in the room. .
The coverlet. . has a total of 2160 yo yo's.
I made one yo yo .. it took me 5 minutes.
If I would make 2160 yo yo's . . .it would take me 180 hours.
Do the math .. .I got a good deal.

It needs a wee bit of mending.. . .
but really the dear soul that made this. . .
took very good care of it. .
it gave it a bath. . .
and . .
hugged it to myself. . .
noted to put Bea's name on the underneath side. .
for she helped me find it. .
and it will belong to her next.

How do you make a yo yo?
Do you have these things?

Put your canning lid on a lovely piece of cotton fabric.
Draw a circle around it.
Cut it out.
(so far a 1st grader can do it)

Fold over the edge while making small basting stitches.

Pull the threads to pull it into a circle. .
There. . .now you only need to make 2159 more. . .and then sew them together. .
and you can have a coverlet too. .
Have a wonderful day my friends. .
I'm off for my walk. . .
with a smirk.

Friday, September 19, 2008

1950 Merc deconstructed

Don't adjust your set. . . the picture above is dark. . . I noticed that as well. The farmer has finished his barn cleaning for fall and he's back in his shop having fun.JD has been spit and polished for the next dirty job. . .but for now. . .he sits and looks in the window of the shop. . hoping for a glimpse of his master . . . and closest friend.

Meanwhile in the shop. . . our coffee break chairs have been commandeered for the task of holding the all important hoses and the headers .. . .(I'm quite proud of the fact that I'm learning what all the parts are. . .and if anyone steps into the shop to have a look I suggest a quiz)

Oh. . .and what is this? This is the go cart that has been sitting idle . . ..built by my beloved's dad for our boys. . ..it's been hauled out for an important mission.

Carts have been constructed. . .with enough height to be able to work on the cab from its underbelly.

So. . .there it is. . .if you have been following the saga of the rod building, you might be thinking to yourself. . .are we not going backwards? I've asked that once or twice myself. . .

The little weld spots have been finished here and there. . . the motor and transmission and the hoses and the new front end, and the new gas tank and the springs and all the hoses have been fitted,. . .not unlike dress making. .
Now, the whole truck is taken apart.

The frame is riding around on the go cart. . .and is being sandblasted. All the old paint needs to come off and he's learning to sand blast.

I go out now and then. . .to have a look.. . .
Mostly I think about what to cook and what to blog. . .
We're both happy as clams. . .
He's playing make a rod. . .
I'm playing.. . . make a post.
Oh .. .I'm super excited. . .today the annual Mennonite Central Committee Relief Sale begins. We'll go stand in line with the thousands of other people to eat Mennonite Food. .. (I wish I could make it myself). . . smirk. .
Anyways, as I was saying it is a relief sale to raise money for impoverished people around the world. . . .
On Saturday there is the big auction complete with handmade quilts that go for thousands of dollars. . .all donated. . .click here to see a link to this years quilt gallery. . .
Have a wonderful weekend my friends. . .

Thursday, September 18, 2008

short life decor

Oh I'd love to leave these pears out for display for a month or so. . .
I enjoyed them for a bit before tucking them where the fruit flies don't fly.
Sure I could go out and buy some very realistic looking fake ones. . .
but they would be fake. . . I like the real thing.
I have long since stopped buying margarine. . .or cool whip. . .or "fat free" products. .
they just don't taste as good as the real thing. . .

To see the recipe for the finished Pear Tart. . . .go to the MGCC.

Now. . .if I could just put that amount of dedication into the rest of my life. . .

I'd be good to go.
I'm off to get my roots checked this morning. . . .
(yes Tammy. . .I've remembered. . . unlike last week)
My hair color may not be the real deal .. . but there is always an exception to all man made rules.
Have a wonderful day my friends.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

shall we sell them?

I remember a few years ago hunting for Mennonite recipes on the computer. There are actually some really good sites. . .if you can imagine what the recipes should look like when they are finished. I noted that the recipe blogs that had Mennonite recipes didn't have any pictures. After I noted some other women of like mind posting some pretty amazing looking recipes. . .the idea was started in the middle of the night .. .when I do some of my best thinking.
I emailed those few gals who I knew would be good sports .. . .then I emailed a few gals who regularly commented on my blog but didn't have blogs of their own. ..thereby proving also to be good sports. .. and my plan was put into action.
Who would have known that people love to look at food and recipes as much as they do?
Who would have known that their is so much satisfaction in teaching through a blog how to cook?
These gals are keen on sharing all they have learned so that the joy of cooking will not be lost.
I have appreciated the enthusiasm and the attention to detail and the desire I see in these gals to contribute beautiful pictures and recipes.
Yesterday I went to get the mail. . .and my senses were alerted with a small brown paper package in the middle of the pile.
I love anticipation. . . .so I took the package home. . . and opened up all the other mail .. .all the while. . .pausing to squeeze the package. . then I sat down and slowly opened it up. . .and smiled.
These girls sent me an apron. . .just because. It came from Trish's house and she enclosed a beautiful hand written card .. .I was so tickled pink.
I put it on. . .and pranced around. . and looked in the mirror. . .and modeled it for my beloved. . .and he looked mildly amused. . .
Fortunately things were happening in my kitchen so the photo op was set up. . .and I posed for you to see.
Thank you my dear cooking pals. . .you all should have one of these. .
I had visions of us all wearing matching aprons . . cooking up a feast to share.. . . more thinking in the middle of the night.
When the cooking blog was born. . .I wanted to be clear that we would never profit from the sale of the blog or the publishing of it. . .but no one mentioned anything about not selling aprons. . .
How many aprons would we have to sell to have a Mennonite Girls Can Cook Conference?
Have a wonderful day my friends.. .

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Apple Bar. . .

Dewy grass early in the morning. .. and early in the evening. . .
warm sunshine during the day. .
it is September on the calendar. . .
but I'm stashing vitamin D for those long dreary months ahead.
Our apple tree is heavy with ripening apples.
I smile as I see each new post over at Mennonite Girls Can Cook.
The girls are systematically going through their hand written recipes.
As the seasons change the ovens notice the difference.
The berries are all but done. . . few lingering black berries are ripening in our field. .
but now, it is the apples that catch my eye.
I made our favorite Apple Bar on the weekend to share with
friends. . .or should I say family.
One of our "daughter by love's" parents invited us over for dinner with their other daughter's by love parents. .. .
How delightful to be in this season of life,
our children have left home,
but our world has gotten a bit bigger. . . .a bit richer. . .
for knowing their fine folks.
Have a wonderful day my friends. . . .
I have company coming for dinner. . . .and my ribs need to be rubbed. . .

Monday, September 15, 2008

30 year fashion repeat

I was more than mildly amused when I picked this months issue of my favorite Canadian magazine.. . .

It was featuring the trend watch for this falls fashions.

I had a moment of de ja vu. . .big time.

Thirty years ago I made this "sweet" wool suit . . .three piece suit.
I wanted to "appear" mature in my going away outfit.
Nineteen years old in a gray wool suit. . off on my honeymoon.
I have wondered since that day at my choice of a somber slightly masculine selection which was made feminine by the addition of a red blouse and BIG bow. . .
No matter. . . it all makes sense now. . I was just a wee bit ahead of my time.
I thought this enlightening moment needed to be documented.
Have a wonderful day my friends. . .
I'm off for my walk.

Friday, September 12, 2008

blue skies. . .around me

I've been loving . . .loving .. . loving our weather here in
Beautiful British Columbia.
The drizzly weather that bothered us a bit ago, is gone and we are enjoying
a warm end to summertime.
I've been keeping an eye on our climbing hydrangea this summer ..
will the two sides meet and join forces to become a nice
full arbor?
Well, it certainly seems that next summer. . .
they'll close the gap. .

My beloved is fighting with the weeping cedar tree ..

it's going to get a bit of a pruning. ..

I stood and watched the sun shine down through the branches. .

Our glossy dark green magnolia bush . . .
still feels full of life. . .
sending out a few more blossoms.

Abraham Darby is as freshly scented now as it was in spring.

I'd love to have these blooming all winter long. . .
but I'd likely get spoiled.

the signs are here .. .
fall is around the corner. . .
one yellow leaf here and there. . .
but for today . . . I'm wearing shorts and a tank top. . .
and I'm loving it.
Have a wonderful weekend my friends.. .

Thursday, September 11, 2008


If you can't speak German . .I'm dreadfully sorry for yesterdays riddle .. .
Say it with me. .
Vah. . ren. . eh. .chea. .
For the life of me. . I don't know why it is spelled with a W instead of a V. .
you might have guessed if I said started with a V. .
or. .
you might have guessed if I would have called it perogies. .
but alas. . I'm a Mennonite gal. . .
and so we say. .
say it again. .
Vah. . ren. .eh. . chea. .
Yes, one of the smartest things I did when my newly acquired husband 30 years ago ..
said .. .stay home and cook .. .
I stayed at home and cooked.
I grew up in a time that women still were often in the home being homemakers. .
it never seemed odd to us that I would do this as well.
I laugh now at the pictures of him before the wedding and then again a year after the wedding.
I fattened that boy up a bit.
I learned to make noodles and vah. . .(say it). . ren. .eh. .chea. .
and made him smile. .
At nineteen years old. . . I understood from my mother. .
. . .that it would be in my best interest to learn to cook. .
almost as good as his mother. .
so that is what I focused on.
His mother is seriously the best cook. . everything she makes is fantastic. .
but. . .
I figured out what her son liked to eat. . .and then . . .
I made it. . .more often than she did. .
and . . .
voila. .
I had him eating out of my hand. . .for life.
When he came home after a hard day at work ..
there I was. . .with a smirk. . . and a kitchen full of wonderful smells. .
I had learned a few other things from my mom as well. . .
but that is enough of a lesson for today. .
Have a wonderful day my friends. .
oh the recipe. . its on the MGCC blog .. of course.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Twice a year. . .it gets hauled away. . .
I don't care where it goes . . .
I don't ask. .
I don't care . .
This organic .. . 100 % goodness, will be spread onto some other farmers grass land. . .
corn field. . .berry field. . .
I don't care where .. .but twas time to go. .
My stinkyman beloved has worked like a dog. .
shovelling, scooping, power washing, scraping. . .
and as of today. . .
he's done.
He said. . ."do you want to go to Walmart tonight?"
I said. . ."for what?"
He said. . ."I think there must be a new Classic Truck magazine out"
I said. . "you sure don't ask for much do you?"
If I had done. . . what he just did. . . I'd be booking a spa treatment.
I'm glad I'm a girl.
Twice in my life during child birth .. .I wasn't sure. .
but that will never happen to me again .. .
so I'm glad.
Tomorrow. . .you will see what my beloved loves almost as much as he loves me. . .
it starts with a W .. . and ends in an .. . i. . .
can you guess?
Have a wonderful day my friends. . I'm off for a walk.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

hot dogs

Hot Dogs. . ..Yummy Hot Dogs. . . Come and get your Hot Dogs. . .

Yesterday morning my mother by love showed up at my door. . .

She had her pot. . .her two wooden spoons dedicated for making relish ..
"her" knives. . .and her food processor.

Now it isn't that my kitchen isn't properly equipped. . .but she likes her stuff.

She also had bags of fresh veggies. .
cucumbers, peppers, cauliflower and onions. .
she had spices and jars and lids and vinegar. .
I supplied the sugar and the flour.
We sliced and we diced and stopped to have a cup of coffee with "our" beloved .. .

who wasn't allowed indoors. . .(more about that tomorrow). .

She also brought a nice piece of plum pie by the yard. . .for coffee break. . .
and I supplied the toasted BLT's for lunch. . .

(again "our" beloved ate his outdoors). . .

Three hours after the slicing and dicing and the sitting of the veggies in the salt ..
we stirred ... . and poured and sealed our jars. .

After "we" cleaned up. . . she put her pot and her food processor and her knives back in her trunk. . .and moseyed on home. . .

What did she get for all her trouble?

Four small jars of relish .. .that'll do me. . she said. . .
I sure would like a wiener roast in your back field. .. .she said.
The rest of them. . .are mine ours .. . .

I ran after her as she was leaving. . .she nearly forgot to take home yet another empty cookie container .. . the kids are out.

I love her love language. . .she is a server. . . always has been. . .and I imagine. . .
she always will be.

Have a wonderful day my friends. .

I'm off for my walk.